Daughter Of The Nile IIIII

February 11, 2010
By Chione_Bronte SILVER, Griffith, Other
Chione_Bronte SILVER, Griffith, Other
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” I looked up at the chair he sat upon, but he was not there, he had crossed to the other side of the bed and had lifted a heavy bronzed bowl from the bed rest on the other side. Crossing back to me, he placed it down upon the bed covers, next to my legs, and stood back at my head. Slowly he lifted me, so that I was in a sitting position, I held my head in my hands, ready for the nauseating feeling, yet this time it did not come, and I sat up straighter into the dove feather pillows. “Chione focus upon this small spiderfly.” He placed a wriggling little black insect into the water, and let it go. Instantaneously the fly wriggled around, flapping its wings rapidly, sending vibrations out through the crystal clear water. I focus hard upon the spiderfly; however, the water stayed motionless, except for the frantic vibrations of the insect, which I felt, as if they were washing over my body. Tired and out of ideas, I slumped back into the pillows, and closed my eyes. Still I could feel the vibrations of the water, as if I had put my hands into the bowl itself; however, the bowl was nowhere near my body. “Chione, try focusing upon the water itself, maybe that is the key to this.” He added urgently. I sat up slowly once again, and looked down upon the vibration-filled water. Mesmerised, I focused on each ripple of water, feeling the length and strength of each vibration. Something was nagging, back in the corner of my mind; it was coming closer to my attentions, but still, a long distance away. Ripple, ripple ripple, each vibration was getting stronger in my mind, filling it with the motion of the water. Then it hit me ferociously, the nagging feeling in my mind had now come to my attentions, and was spreading out, filling every little space in my vacant mind. It felt like a supple, flexible rope, bending with every new ripple of water, then flexing back into shape for the next one. I closed my eyes and let it completely take over my mind, I realised that I could bend it this way and that, every time I pulled it, and my sense of it became stronger. Then I completely bent it out of shape, and opened my eyes, the water had been swaying to and from with the elasticity of my mind, this particular swing, had thrown it completely out of the bowl, and was now hanging in mid air!
The strength in my mind covered over the water hanging in the air, and the water in the bowl. I could feel the trembling of the water hanging in the air, I grouped it collectively in my mind, and the Pharaoh gasped in amazement as the hanging water came together as a silvery orb.
It hung there, as if waiting for my minds next command; I pulled around the small ball in my mind, the watery orb followed, as if mimicking my its mental reflection. I put out my hands next to it, and realised that it was much easier to control the movements of the orb, I ran my hand along an invisible line through the air, and the globe followed, orbiting my own hand, as the moon follows the Sun. However, this soon worn me out, and the orb fell out of the air as I put my hands down. It splashed back into the bowl, spraying me with water as it hit the surface. Closing my eyes, a wave of exhaustion engulfed me, and I sank back into the cool dark world of my imaginations...
Back to the Pharaoh
I watched her in amazement, as she held the sphere of water above the bowl, the spiderfly was now long gone from her attentions, and I quietly removed it from the water, as its pitiful struggling began to slow. Chione was concentrating on the orb, as a small child does, when someone tells them a bedtime story. She was so completely mesmerized by it, that she did not notice me getting up and putting the now dry spiderfly onto the window balcony. Therefore, it was true, she was one of the Chosen Ones, a wave of anguish threatened to overtake me as I struggled to reach the surface. They were going to come for her, and when they did, I would never see her again, just like my daughter, all over again. They took my eldest daughter away, never again would I look upon her smiling coal eyes and her beautiful raven hair as I did at Chione. I smiled mournfully at myself, how I loved Hathor, she was almost a carbon copy of her mother, this time I was engulfed completely by my grief. Drowning slowly I looked up at Chione, she looked just like my lost Hathor, and my lost wife. Those dark ebony eyes, the long limbs, the beautiful midnight hair. Her eyes were slowly closing, and her hands shaking in concentration. Then the orb dropped back into the bowl, and she let her hands drop next to her. Her eyes closed and she fell back into the deep sleep that I found her in.
I crossed back over to the chair, and sat by her side, picking up her hand, I felt a strange coolness, coldest in the palm of her hand and her fingertips, but spreading out all over her hand. I set her hand back next to her, and gazed upon her sleeping form. There were certain alikeness’s between her and my daughter, their hands were the same length, the nose was almost the same but it was those beautiful eyes that really drew attentions. I smiled again; Hathor was only five when they took her. That terrible day was as clear in my mind as if it had happened only a week ago, not 13 years...

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