Daughter Of The Nile IIII

February 11, 2010
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He took a long, slow breath, and continued his extraordinary monologue. “Chione, on the night you were born, the constellation Alpha Anacleastica exploded over the sky. It caused a monumental eruption of unworldly colours, patterns and lights, which co coordinated with the prophecy laid down by the ancients of our nation.” He then left the stately cedar chair, and crossed the room, to a shelf of scrolls. I tried to get up to see what he was doing, but fell back, in a heap, as the nausea washed over me once more, it wasn’t as bad as before, but still had the sickening power to make my bruised brain feel as though it was being washed down a whirlpool. The Pharaoh reached up and untied a cotton cord, which wrapped itself around his neck, then inserting it into a small keyhole in the shelf. The back of the shelf swinged silently through the air upon its hinges. Dust rose in swirling formations through the air, as he picked up a scroll from inside, he blew the dust from its ancient surface and picked it up with the lightest of touches. I could see it was so very old, and had begun to fade at the edges of the papyrus. He sat back down upon the chair, and gently unravelled the ancient edges. “How old could this scroll be Pharaoh? The edges seem as though they have been made of moth wings.” I inquired softly, voice full of amazement. “Youthful Chione, this papyrus is well over two millennia in age. The kings of this land passed it down throughout the generations, when it was prophesied by my ancestors, it was written down only twice. The other copy has been put under lock and key, and has been guarded by an alliance by the name of the White Lotus, ever since its creation.” By now, he had slowly unrolled the manuscript, looking at me he simply stated, “Listen carefully”. His eyes scanned across the page to a certain point, taking a long slow breath, the room filled with the whispers of old.

“And, when the heathen sky explodes with the anguish of the constellations in the unworldly realms above our own.
Know this, as it was written down with the resolute pen of our father; Ra
They have come, the ones who will save us from the wrath of demise,
They have come in the form of twins, halves of the true whole,
They will come; they have been shaped and formed by Ra’s own hands,
His chosen protectors, for the creation he bestowed in the waters of darkness, in the beginning of time.
They are like sun and moon, Nut and Geb, Isis and Ra
Two pieces of the empyreal puzzle set down by our guides,
Only collectively can they stop the armies of the underworld
Who rise up, and attempt to repossess our pure, whole world
We, the elders, the Pharaohs of old, have warned you of this event
We, give you hope for the future, and in addition to this
We also rest the responsibilities and challenges of defending our world, upon the chosen ones
And the “Assisters” gifted upon them by Isis, the fertile mother
We, the elders of the past,
Now rest in assurance that the citizens of the future have been warned of the coming of these celestial beings.
We will rest our burdens once death takes us, upon the shoulders of these young warriors of our sacred world.”

The Pharaoh slowly rolled the fading manuscript up once more, and with a deep mournful sigh, he looked at me with eyes filled with remorse. “Chione, you do realise what this means, and where this journey will take you.” He whispered voice full of emotion. The weight of the situation had dropped onto my back like a tonne of bricks, I then realised that I could not stay here, no longer could I hide behind the person I once was. My people now needed me, to protect them against the wrath of the gods, “This is going to take me to hell and back” I responded, my voice growing fainter by the second. Then, a glimmer of pure hope shone through out my, dark desolate heart, maybe, just maybe I had not sent forth the wave, and I had only imagined it. My hope was so very brittle, and weak, but it shone out of my chest and into the Pharaohs eyes. “Pharaoh, on the night of the fight, something obviously happened, something catastrophic, to have made you lock me up in here.” I asked, my voice trembling with anticipation. He smiled down upon me once more, “You don’t really remember do you Chione, I don’t blame you, you were down in the water for quite a while” he whispered softly. “Chione, you pushed my daughter out of the water in a wave, not just any you see down at the Nile edge at sunset. This wave was so big, it almost hit the roof, Khafre was caught right in the middle of it, it hung there for almost 10 seconds, then it came crashing down, and threw her almost at the foot of my throne” he called softly. “Chione, I believe, whilst you were conscious, the wave stayed, motionless except for the fish swimming around, and Khafre struggling to free herself, everybody saw it, two members of the white Lotus were there, and have probably reported it back to their head quarters by now.” Another tonne of bricks was dropped down upon my back, and my sliver of hope was dashed against the sharp, fatal rocks in the pit of my heart. It was real, I had actually seen the water move with the arc of my arm, I had seen it wash Khafre up, into the air, and suspend her above the ground. “Pharaoh, when that happened, I believed I was hallucinating because of lack of air. I felt the movement of the frigid water beneath my arm; it rose up out of the water, and nearly pulled me up with it as well. However, it... It was so much more than that! I felt the fish swim around in the water, as if they were in my own bloodstreams! I felt Khafre kick out; I heard her unspoken screams for help. I felt your guards swim up to get her, their panic was almost like my own.” I broke off, to amazed to speak, clutching at my heart, feeling it beat rhythmetically beneath my hands. So many questions were whirling around my mind, where was my twin? Where did my mother go? How could this be happening to me? What were the Assisters? How could I control this new terrifying gift that had bestowed itself into my life without permission?
I felt the vaporizing gaze of the Pharaoh upon my neck, “Chione, watch this”

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