Daughter Of The Nile II

February 11, 2010
By Chione_Bronte SILVER, Griffith, Other
Chione_Bronte SILVER, Griffith, Other
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The next part is in the Pharaohs view.
“The girls had been under for a while, I got up out of my throne to look into the water, and I saw them struggling under the rippling surface. I knew how cold it was in there, and I knew that the girls would soon have to come up to breath, then Khafre came closer to the surface, and she seemed to be pushing downwards with her foot, then I realised, she was keeping Chione down there, slowly drowning her. I called to my guards to pull them out of the water. A fight was a fight, but this was going way too far, knowing my arrogant daughter, she would never give up and suffer the shame of being beaten by a dancer, so she would resort to unlawful measures to make sure she came up with the better hand by the end of this, even if it meant drowning Chione.
My burly palace guards raced over to the edge of the circuit and began to pull Khafre up, when a colossal wave broke over the border and swamped my two guards. It was gigantic! Almost as high as the roof, a towering pillar of water held Khafre suspended in mid air, she was silently screaming for help and trying to free herself from her watery prison. Fish were swimming around her and my two guards were struggling at the bottom, swimming upwards to reach her. The towering wave curled at its peak and broke over, as it came rushing down, it slammed my daughter cruelly onto the golden slabbed floor. Water sprayed everywhere, people were screaming, and I was showered from head to foot in water and fish. I got up, out of my throne and looked around, my guests were crowding around my daughter, soaking and dripping with water. I strode over to the scene, Khafre was unconscious, and her right leg was bent at an awkward angle, she was covered in bruises and surrounded by flailing fish, it was a sad sight to behold. “Guards, get my physicians now!” I ordered, they rushed out of the doors, water streaming off their soaked backs. I was trying to look in command of the situation, but deep inside, I was scared. Chione had somehow summoned that wave, in front of all my guests too, people were going to talk about this, and I would have to break it to her, to everyone what had just happened. Then a black wave of dread engulfed me, Chione! She was still in the water!”
Now back to Chione
“I was now at the bottom of the water, upon the cold hard floor of the circuit. My sight was hazy, and I was losing consciousness. I had seen the wave come up from the water holding Khafre suspended above the floor, hadn’t I? My sight was slowly going black, and my lungs were screaming at me for air. The surface somehow seemed closer, as if there was not as much water between me and the air that could save me. Too tired to fight against the water, I drifted in and out of consciousness. Then a band of steel tightened around my chest, and my vision faded to black...

24 hours have passed, whilst Khafre was under care by the royal physicians in the medical quarter, Chione was brought up to the Pharaohs own quarters.
Golden, dancing light streamed through my leaden eye lids, weighty as they were, I couldn’t keep them closed, and I opened my eyes altogether. At a glance, I realised I was not in my own bedroom quarters. Titanic pillars of pearl marble, were supporting the ceiling. Animal skins covered the tiled floor, I spotted out a fearsome lion, its eyes were open, as if captured in its last moments, back upon the desert plains. In immense bronzed pots grew exotic vegetation, probably imported from other countries, one specific plant had long cascading fronds, covered in small ripe crimson berries, Its fronds swayed in the breeze, which danced through the window singing its soft melodic harmony. The doors were made of a dark richly toned wood, and had engraved depictions covering their large expanse. The walls were covered in beautiful hieroglyphics. Even though I could not read the engraved messages, I spotted the goddess Isis, the queen of the Nile, and all its fertility, and her son Horus, the mythical prince of Egypt’s creation, upon the relic-covered wall. They were kneeling, at the bronzed feet of a higher god, who was giving out his own shining luminescence, it seemed to shine out, upon the duo, as if accepting them into his kingly presence. I then realised that it was Ra the creator of my entire world, right from the birthing place of the Nile, deep in the secretive dark mountains of Nubia, to the beautiful delta, where the Nile, tired and weary of its travels, united with the rolling Mediterranean seas. A swift though came to me, only the Pharaoh was able to display the depiction of Ra upon his walls, for Ra was extremely scared and easily angered, he would only accept the tribute of the Pharaoh, his mythical son.
That meant only one thing...

The author's comments:
Well, here is the next piece from "Daughter Of The Nile". This next piece starts right from the end of my last post, and begins to tell the lost tale of Chione's past.
Hope you Likey:):)

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