Downside Up (1)

February 16, 2010

“Go, go, go!” Rosalyn yelled. She jumped into the front seat and turned on the car. It was a little bulky for a quick getaway, but it would have to do for now. She whipped out of the parking spot to find about twelve adults running at us. Four of them teachers, eight of them school guards. She screamed forwards.

“Rose! Get it together!” I yelled. She spun around and headed at about a hundred miles per hour (and gaining speed) towards the gate. It wasn’t fast enough, but we’d make it in time. There were some guards doing their rounds around the fence. I turned on all the monitors in the back. We had everyone on radar. We reached a hundred and forty and broke through the iron fence around the school. There was a lot of crunching and the wail of metal as we crashed through.

“You have everyone?” Rose asked from the front as she demolished the fence, putting unfortunate tell-tale scratches on the hood and doors. One of the windows cracked and there was a long scratch on the windshield.

“Everyone,” I answered, watching the three blinking lights on one of the radars. I watched in silent panic as the masses of people grew bigger within minutes. Once we were out of the gates, it was over, they knew it too. They wouldn’t be able to make a scene without violating the rules set in place for us. Rose hit a hundred and fifty. The masses were getting closer.

They’re gaining on us!” I yelled as Rose had to car going a hundred seventy. I prayed that she was as good a driver as I thought she was. They just kept getting closer. Closer…an inch closer…

“ROSE!” I cried, letting my panic show. I saw the busy street through the long line of trees. We were almost there. Almost there.

“Hold on!” she yelled, then pushed her foot down onto the mat of the car. The mph was rising…two hundred…two ten…two thirty…we crashed through another gate, and our car gave a terrible groan. We burst onto the busy street and Rose slammed on the break. The car skidded along burning rubber until one of the tires popped. Skidding, we got down to about eighty miles. I was breathing heavily in and out like Rose was.

“Now what?” I asked Rose, trying to calm myself. The masses were disappearing rapidly. We were safe. Safer than we had been moments ago, anyways.

“Home” she answered. We were on our way back to Mossyrock


These are the top, most upmost, important facts that you absolutely need to know if you are going to read any further;
Madelyn Gold does not look any different than us
Madelyn Gold speaks the same way that we do
Madelyn Gold acts the same way we do
Madelyn Gold is absolutely one hundred percent different than us

It was the first day of school when we first saw her. We were all crowding around the freshman homeroom assignments, pooling with our friends and staying away from the seniors, juniors, and sophomores. We were in our own little pods, laughing and talking and picking up where we were the school year before. We were all separated out into our classrooms, and then she showed up. In my homeroom. She was pretty tall, but no too tall, and her skin was crystal clear and cream colored. Her eyes were blue, grey, her hair dark blonde. She was just so…perfect. Like she was high school Barbie. She walked over to the teacher’s desk and handed her the blue paper in her hands, a tardy slip. Our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Rowe, took it from her hands and read it over.

“Yes” she said after a moment, “You’re that girl, from the NSSP...Uh, Marly, Macy…”

“Madelyn. Madelyn Gold” she answered quietly. Her voice sounded like an angel. The teacher nodded.

“Take your seat” she told her. Suddenly, I realized she was walking right towards me. Why me? Why was she walking towards the dork that was sitting in the way back? Oh. It was the only empty seat. She put her binder on the table and sat down. She smelled like perfume.

“Hey” I said quietly. She ignored me, expressionless, like she was carved of stone.

“Welcome aboard, Madelyn” I told her, still no response. “My name’s Charlie, by the way. Charlie Mason” I didn’t expect a reaction, and I didn’t get one, but she was new, and I wasn’t.

“Where are you from?” I asked, No response. Mrs. Rowe started lecturing us on how ‘summer is over’ and ‘you need to act accordingly’. It was the same routine every year. Follow the rules, do your homework, be polite in class, and behave like a good little doggy until it was summer again, which is code for wait to do stupid stuff until we aren’t liable for you. Mrs. Rowe continued to blabber on about school rules and our behavior. Madelyn was perfectly still and attentive.

“What’s the NSSP? Some fancy school program?” I asked. She shrugged ever so slightly.

“You from out of town then?” I asked her. She ignored me. I sighed, then started drawing on a corner of my binder. Just circles with my pencil until the bell rang. I jumped out of my seat and put my pencil away. Madelyn rose gracefully. I walked with her to the door of the classroom.

“You need any help finding your way around? You have a map and everything, right?” I asked. She turned to look at me, her gaze was expressionless.

“I’m fine” she said quietly, then walked away at a brisk pace. Probably in the wrong direction.

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Imaginedangerous This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 16, 2010 at 7:06 pm
I like it. It grabs and holds you from the beginning- and Charlie's 'voice' is awesome.
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