Magic Hate

February 16, 2010
By , Worcester, MA
Magic hate is about two teenage kids. Their parents were imprisoned with a spell for eternal life. There was this evil witch named gondaly, gondaly got mad with god for turning her into an ugly witch, but gods’ reason was because she wanted his powers. so gondaly randomly wrote down two names of people she doesn't even know and she ripped it up and held it in her crusty, old hands and said a spell " there shall be no debate, turn these too into hate". As soon as she spoke out her spell she blew the torn pieces of nature into the dark shallow night. As the two names were flipping and turning in the air gondaly screamed out to the all mighty and said “now see your minions suffer in front of your eyes", she chuckled as she spoke in a scratchy voice. The next morning the parents woke up, they were smiling and said hello to who ever talked to them, as they got to work Jim and Lucy bumped into each other, Jim bumped into Lucy's bag and all her papers fell. Jim got down on his knees and started picking up her papers, Lucy got down to help too, as she got down, their eyes met and they couldn't stop gazing at each other. Jim spoke and said “hi my name is Jim what’s your name", Lucy smiled and stared right until the paper with their names flew right passed them. Then Lucy said “why do you want to know my name you pervert, don't you have any shame". She mumbled and spoke under her tongue "bumping into me and not saying sorry, I hate people like that". She shoved Jim and said "move I could do it by myself go get out of here". Jim got angry and said “don’t touch me I never wanted to help you I felt bad for you looking like a poor old lady". Every day they saw each other, they started to hate each other more and more. One day they saw each other and when Lucy passed by Jim gave her a smirk and Lucy went up to him and said “what’s your problem, you’re the kind of person I hate in this world ". Jim laughed and said “this world, what are you an alien”. Lucy got mad and said “OK! That’s it “Jim laughed once more and said "what are you going to do cry!!! Huh? Huh?" SHLOP!! Was all you could hear and all Jim felt when she slapped him Right when Jim was about to say something ERRRRRRRRR! PUKHHH!!!!!! You see a truck sliding towards them over speed; they were too late to run because they were shocked at what they were seeing. You guys are probably wondering “is that it?”, "is it finished?” Well no it's not because what I forgot to tell you is that they both had babies Lucy had a son named Athen, and Jim had a daughter named Alex they were both 3 years old when their parents died. The spell had a part the witch didn't know, that the spell gets passed on to generations after they die. Both kids had Nana's to keep care of them. 16 years later they both grew up and luckily they both go to the same school "Homafrod high in Florida ". Since they met each other they had a feeling they dislike each other. Weeks past by and Athen kept on throwing water balloons at her. One day Athen filled the water balloon with ice and threw it at Alex and it hit her in the back of the leg while she was walking down the stairs. She fell and she got so angry that she got up and grabbed him by the collar and took out her pocket knife and said "I swear you ever touch me or do anything to me again, I will kill you". That night she went home in her room crying, said to herself “why? Why dad? Why is this happening to me? "My life is turning around; i want everything to be normal". Then a voice appeared out of the bloom and said, "I'm sorry Alex it’s my entire fault" she said "dad is that you". "No!! Alex it is me god, I know what has happened it was about your mom and athen's dad; they hated each other because of a witch who lives in the mountains. She did this; the only way to remove the spell is....... TO BE CONTINUED….

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maseeraka said...
Feb. 24, 2010 at 10:14 am
no it isnt so shut up esteban because u can fricken tell people there real name how dumb are you damn think before you right next time u say that imma report u abuse
Brian9723 said...
Feb. 20, 2010 at 10:58 pm
this is really good maseer keep it up.
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