nights arrest

January 28, 2010
Before I knew it my brother, Tobias and I were running from the cops. I kept on telling myself that I was an orphan now. Three years ago our mother died in a fatal car accident. Last night our father was murdered. “Tobias keep on running.” Looking at our surroundings I’d say were near the Golden Gate Bridge.
As we rounded a corner a car drove by. We were walking by then. The car screeched to a halt. It slowly backed up. I don’t know why we stopped. When I looked, there was a woman in the car. She had brown hair and green eyes. “Need a ride,” she asked. Wait a minute, did she just ask if we needed a ride.
We were so tired we didn’t argue. “Let’s start with introductions,” she said. “My name is Lora Swan.”
I told her our name. “My name is Logan Miller and this is my brother Tobias.” I gave her a brief description of our story.
“OH, so I guess you need a place to stay tonight” she stated. “Why don’t you stay at my house tonight?”
Lora let us stay at her house. She letting us stay in her guest room. As soon as Tobias’s head touched the pillow he was asleep. In the morning I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I looked over to the bed Tobias was sleeping in, it was empty. I walked into the kitchen and there was Tobias and Lora sitting at the table talking. “I was telling what had happened to use,” Tobias said.
“I decided to help you” she said. “Why” I asked.
“Because it is the right thing to do,” she said. “Okay let’s check the warehouses down by the docks tonight.”
“Why?” I asked again.
“Because it would be a likely place to hide,” she said.

Later that day we went to a warehouse. Lora pulled her car over to the curb. “I’m going to check over by the windows,” Tobias said. So with that he checked. “There are two people inside,” he said. After he said that the crates he was standing on fell. Crash. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah !” he yelled. The people inside went quite.
“Ow!” Tobias said. Suddenly the doors flew open.
“Well, well what do we have here” one of the men said.
“I guess we have a couple of eavesdroppers,” the other said.
“Which one of you murdered our father?” I yelled.
“What was his name?” he said
“Miller, Matthew Miller!” I screamed.
“Oh, so your Matthew’s little brat,” he said. “I’ve been looking for you.”
Soon we were tied up. The murderer left the room he threw use in. After we made sure he was away from the door. Lora asks “how do we get out of these ropes”
“We cut them,” I said.
“How?” asked Tobias
“With the knife I bought earlier,” I said
I reached for the knife in my back pocket and start cutting the ropes. Finally I was free. I freed the others.
“What are we going to do?” asks Lora.
“Why don’t we hit him and his friend on the head” said Tobias.
So we looked for items to hit the murderer with. Lora found a shovel and Tobias found a pipe. As soon as we leave the room, Lora runs outside. As soon as she was outside the murderer came out of what looked like a bathroom.
“What are you doing out of the closet,” he said surprised. “And where’s your lady friend.”
All sudden there was a clang and his body went rigid and he fell. The other man came out and managed to say “what” before there was another clang and then his body went rigged and fell to.
“Let’s call the cops and get these two out of here,” Tobias said.
After I called the cops we tied the two men up. When the cops got here they told us that we caught a mass murderer and that he is wanted for 20 murders.
After we came back to Lora’s house, Tobias and I started to walk away when Lora asked where we were going. “Nowhere,” I said.
“Why don’t you stay with me a little longer,” she asked.
I was thinking about it when Tobias said “Sure, why not, we could find somewhere to live while we stay.”
After a couple of weeks I found a place for Tobias and I to live. Somewhere in New York with our cousins. We said our goodbyes to Lora and hopped on a plane to New York.

Five years later, I received a letter from Lora and Tobias asking if they can come for a visit. They got married two years ago. I work for a FBI agency.

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