Convinced chp.2

February 6, 2010
By arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
arixa8 SILVER, Sun City, California
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“All of you can go to hell! This is bull and you know it.” Kene’s face was about 3 inches from the camera as he let the metal chair he was previously sitting on support him while he was standing on it. Unknowingly, the door that Kene came in opened but it was not loud enough for him to notice. As the figure walked in and stood behind him, the camera caught everything.
“You’re seriously going to send this chic over to the big dogs? Jak, the only reason why I keep women around-and you know this-”before Kene could finish, the unsuspecting figure finished for him.
“For sex…was that what you were going to say? Or did I finish that sentence for you?” “Damn.” whispered Kene. He slowly turned around from his perch and saw his partner with her arms crossed in front of her chest. He looked at her speechless. “It would appear to me that you’re speechless. Well, let’s get these formalities out the way even though I have a good interpretation of what type of person you are.” As she walked to the other metal chair at the end of the table, Kene got off his and put it in proper position that it originally was in. He sat down and looked at his envelope intently. Then he turned his head around at the camera with a “You couldn’t have warned me” Look. Kene looked back at his envelope, not wanting to face her. He took out the papers and put it right in front of his face so it would be between him and his partner. This went on for a few minutes. As he pretended to read them, he peeked to the side of his papers so he could get a better look on what his partner’s exterior looked like. His partner was gone. “What the hell! Where did she go?” Kene quickly got up from his chair and ran out the room. He dashed down the hallway and saw the janitor vacuuming the carpet. “Hey-Um...uh…Dan! Have you seen a woman past by here a couple minutes ago?” Dan looked at Kene confused. “Oh, she went up to talk to Jak.” Kene then turned around to find the elevator he got off before. He got in and press”9” to take him to the 9th floor. As the elevator doors were closing, Kene looked up at in surprise at another security camera on the ceiling of the elevator. He knew it was just laughing at him. When he finally got to the 9th floor, he ran past all that were in the room into Jak’s office. “Jak I-” “Lost your partner? She’s right there.” Jak pointed to right-side of his office. Kene turned and saw her with a displeased expression. “Why did you run off?” asked Kene. “You were boring me, simple as that.” Kene could not believe this woman. “Did you guys get a chance to know each other?” asked Jak. “I’ll start. I’m Nora.” “I’m Kene.” As Kene’s humility and anger started to disperse, he took a better look at Nora. She had short but stylish, black hair that went down to the middle of her neck with light blues eyes. Her accent was Australian and her skin tone was white like Kene’s but a little darker toned. She obviously was in great shape. Kene thought she had to be one of the prettiest but not the prettiest woman he had ever met. “I’m 5’7, from Australia, I came from a rich family, I just…literally got here from Australia, and I have worked with many of the best people you will ever meet in this career, mate.” Nora then looked at Jak. “Okay. Kene and I are brothers, of course I’m the oldest…29. You can’t tell because I’m sitting but I’m 6’1. Unfortunately, Kene got a couple inches taller than me. I… took over this building and everyone in here after our dad died with experience to back me up. So, you could say I was runner-up and very accomplished. You want to say something, Kene.” “No need.” Nora interrupted. “I already know of him. Plus, he’s a jerk?” Jak looked at Kene’s shocked face before looking back at Nora. “Nice. I have your first assignment. This is neither too big nor small, I just want to see how well you guys work together.” Jak explained who Nora and Kene were going after and ways to take him down. “Got it?” asked Jak. “Yes.” answered Nora before Kene could barely get the words out. Nora left the office first. “Are you sure this is a good idea, Jak?” asked Kene. “Yes, I still do. I’d suggest you get moving. Your target is about 2 hours away without traffic and you still have some driving to do.” Kene then accepted this and walked out of his brother’s office. He saw Nora waiting by the elevator behind the glass windows. “Let’s go.” She said. She pressed the bottom button signaling that the elevator was going down and got in with Kene. “Do you want to change into our clothes that say “S.Q.U.A.T” on it?” asked Kene sarcastically. “I will when we get there.” “What? You wait till you get there? That’s stupid.” said Kene. He thought that maybe he had gotten her back for all the rude stuff she had said…he was wrong. “No. Crazy is you wanting to be in S.Q.U.A.T wear while driving a civilian car to our destination. It’s not like we are in the normal S.Q.U.A.T cars in which it would be okay, otherwise I find that suspicious and crazy. Don’t you? I think so. Moving on, you are driving because I drove here from the L.A.X airport, not fun, 3 hours. Most importantly, don’t bother me while we are driving, yeah. I’m tired and I would like some rest while we are getting there. And lastly, listen to me and there will be no problems. Got it, mate?” The elevator had gotten to the lobby by the time Nora was done eyeing Kene. She walked out with Kene behind her like a wild dog on a leash. They got out of the building and Kene noticed the sun was behind the far off mountains of L.A. That signified that is was evening. Nora walked to the line of cars on the sidewalk in front of the S.Q.U.A.T building.
“Which one is yours?” asked Nora. Kene walked down the row of cars next to his. Nora followed behind him. He had a Lexus like Nora but his was black and hers was dark red. She walked by the passenger side while Kene unlocked the door from the drivers’ side. They both entered and sat in the very luxurious Lexus. As it was black on the outside, the interior was tan colored with black marble in specific places. “Nice car.” said Nora as she examined the car while getting her seat belt on. “Thanks, always good to get a compliment from you.” Said Kene with a smile showcasing his well-taken of teeth. “Don’t expect many.” Nora said with her arms again crossed in front of her. As Kene started the car, Nora noticed the way the car hugged the road when they Kene was driving. It was smooth, relaxing, and just enough for her to fall asleep.

The author's comments:
Now that Kene has met his partner, the sense that she is very independent is displayed here. It would seem that possibly, Kene has met his match with the oppisite sex. Continue reading the chapters to find out.

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MsLei said...
on Feb. 21 2010 at 8:56 am
Very good turn of events. Glad to meet Nora finally. Nice touch of details to keep the read involved and wanting to know what is coming next.


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