The Killer Sand Dunes

February 8, 2010
The air was feverishly hot. The sun shone brightly in the pale blue sky. The sand sizzled at an extreme degree. The rays of the sun shone on the sand making it sparkle just like when freshly new snow falls. The sun was so hot that the few plants there were dried out, turning brown, and falling into millions of little pieces. If you tried to look up at the sky there would be a huge blur because the sun was excruciating to look at.

Below under the sun’s watchful eye was a man. He was wearing raggedy clothes. He had a white puffy shirt (that now was dirty) with a vest with weird patterns resting over it. He had Capri pants made of a dark red cloth. On his feet were leather black shoes that had holes torn in them. His entire face was covered with dirty sand and was very, very dry. His small mustache made some shade for his dehydrated lips but it still wasn’t enough to cover the extreme heat. To keep himself cooled he had a small hat that too had holes that had the rays’ of the sun burn through his scalp.

He tried his hardest to stand tall and reach the end of this killer desert but instead he fell on the burning sand of the desert. With a thump he was down leaving all faith to leave. Without giving up hope he crawled but the heat of sand and it’s roughness that it scraped against his dry skin. The scrapes were dripping blood and cut through the flesh with ease. Screams raged through his mouth. Agonizing pain was thrust upon him. He pleaded towards the sky in a weird language of what seemed like Swahili.

“Oh my dear God, please help me!
I am with severe pain that is hard to stand,
And it’s killing me!
Please give me some ease I must go back to my wife
And kids!
Please I beg of you!”

Suddenly the sand beneath him started to come apart and make some sort of a hole. He thought that this was a miracle from his “God” so he put on his smile that wasn’t very pleasant to see. It was black in some parts, had some teeth replaced with wooden teeth and they were all not in order. This was what he thought was a miracle but instead it was his doom, in other words his death. As he turned his head to see the hole that was made in the sand by the end of his feet some weird looking hands grabbed him.

These hands were no regular hands. These were very long and had extremely sharp long nails that wrapped around the man’s ankles. They were purple and you could see the black veins inside them. The hands also had a disgusting odor. Under the finger nails was mold and dirt.

With sudden force the hands squeezed tighter and scratched the man’s ankles causing him to bleed even more. Lines and lines of blood flowed down to his feet and onto the weird hands. Yet again he screamed with pain. Without patience the hands grabbed again and plunged their nails into his ankles. Again a scream that was so loud that it actually hurt his throat because of the huge vibrations. The hands this time started dragging the man’s body towards the hole. But the man tried his hardest to stay. He dug his nails in the sand no matter how painful it was. But the hands were stronger than him.

Now he started changing his mind that it was something horrible. But once his body was completely in the hole below he believed it was a miracle again because of the shade and coolness inside the hole. But yet again he was wrong. Once he got a clearer view it was not a good one. The creature was the ugliest thing you have ever seen.

It had a hunched back that was very big. Its entire body was purple and had the black veins running all through it (yes, it was naked). But this creature didn’t have the body parts a normal human would have. It had the same feet but had humongous nails coming out of them. The legs were very thin. On its chest was a symbol. It was a half crescent moon that was colored in black. Its chest was moving in a rhythmitic motion very roughly. It was breathing very hard. It had red blood shot eyes that were huge. It had elf ears that were much more pointed than an actual elf’s ears. It also didn’t have a nose it just had two holes for one. On its head was nothing. But this was no normal head. One side was larger than the other and had small bumps all over it. This creature looked crazy. On its back were some wings. But not those nice white fluffy ones. They were out of its skin but were bony.

The creature rose up on its toes only and showed its teeth. These teeth were fangs but not vampire fangs. These were much more dangerous and sharper. Not only two were fangs but all of them were. Its ears shook rapidly back and forth. It hissed and reached towards the man. With major force it ripped the man and drank its blood and ate him with ease and joy.




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JohnyDeppLover123 said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 6:38 pm
Dear readers,
Please comment and rate because I would love to hear your thoughts!!! Trust me...I really would and enjoy because there is more to the story coming soon! : ]
paisa 805 replied...
Feb. 18, 2010 at 3:57 pm
its really not that great :(
JohnyDeppLover123 replied...
Feb. 18, 2010 at 4:57 pm
Can you tell me why?
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