VG High chapter 2

February 4, 2010
By , Franklin, IN
Chapter 2: Bullies have rules on paper.

Jeff, Luigi, and Midna were now standing in front of VG high school.

“Well lets head in and get our schedules,” said Luigi, “Maybe we’ll get the same classes.”

They started walking towards the door of the school. They walked in and stared at an amazing big lobby. They headed for the door with an office sign on it. The opened the door and saw a desk for registration. Behind the desk, was…Miss Pacman. She was writing something down and then she noticed Jeff and his friends.

“Welcome to VG high,” she said, “Are you here to register for your schedules?”

“Yes,” said Jeff.

“What are your names,” Miss Pacman asked.

“I’m Jeff,” Jeff started, “This is Luigi and Midna.”

Miss Pacman turned to a file cabinet and opened it. She look through some files and picked out three files. She turned back to them.

“Looks like you three are in the same homerooms, but different classes this year.” Said Miss Pacman.

Jeff was now wondering what type of classes this school had. He looked at his schedule and saw that it only gave the room numbers.

“Since this is the first day,” Miss Pacman said, “You need to report at homeroom when the bell sounds.”

They left the office and found a place to sit in the lobby. Luigi and Midna started talking about something. Jeff looked around. There were a lot of new students. Most of them he knew from games he had played in the past. He characters like, Wario, Marty McFly, and other familiar faces. Jeff gave another glance, but this time his eyesight met with someone across the lobby. It was Link. Jeff gave a friendly wave, but that didn’t change Link’s angry look one bit. Jeff got a little worried when Link got up and walked right over to Jeff. Jeff quickly acted like he didn’t know Link.

“WELL, Well, Well,” Link practically shouted, “What do we have here?”

All attention was draw to Jeff and Link; Jeff felt a thousand eyes looking right at him.

“Uh can I help you,” Jeff asked.

“Yes you can,” Link said, “You can tell me why you’re here at our school.”

“Uh is this a trick question,” asked Jeff, “Its pretty obvious that my parents signed me up for this school.”

“Funny guy HUH,” questioned Link, “Well funny guy, you best be watching your back when you’re here.”

“Hey Link leave the kid alone,” said someone.

“Stay out of this you blue slow poke,” said Link.

“Listen buddy,” said Jeff, “I didn’t come here to pick a fight.”

“Oh really,” said Link, “Your saying you did come to fight.”

Jeff was ticked off right now.

“I said, I DIDN’T COME TO FIGHT,” Jeff emphasized, “You have pointy ears. So you would have good hearing AND NOT GET WORDS MIXED UP!”

“Listen I’m going to cut you a break,” said Link.

Then he handed Jeff a slip of paper.

“Look over these rules for while you’re here,” said Link.

Jeff looked at the paper. It had one rule on it.

“Rule 1,” Jeff started to recite the rules, “If you mess with Link, the handsome hero of time; Yeah right. You will experience explosive diarrhea.”

Jeff knew how to turn this around.

“Well this seems fair,” said Jeff, “By the way you’re a big…ARGH!”

Jeff put one hand on his stomach. He had a sick look on his face. He took off running.

“BATHROOM!” He shouted.

Link waited, rooted to the spot he was standing. Everyone was looking at him.

“What?” he said, “I didn’t mean it.”

He was about to say more, but an explosion from far away cut him of. He was more surprised when Jeff came back a few minutes later.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Jeff sighed, “Now that cleaned the tank.”

Link was dumbfounded.

“Hehehehehe gotcha.” Jeff laughed, “I didn’t actually go to the bathroom uncontrolled. And that explosion wasn’t me. I asked some squirrel to set off a fire cracker in the bathroom.”

Link became angry...again.

“Nice try funny guy,” said Link, “I saw right through your trick. See you round funny guy.”

Jeff was really ticked off right now. Link turned away to walk off. Jeff then used his legs to trip him. It was a success. Link fell flat on his nose. Link got up with a jerk and was breathing heavily. Link rose slowly and breathing heavily. Jeff was now in the position of Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

“ALRIGHT PUNK,” shouted Link.

“HEY LOOK!” Jeff shouted while pointing in some other direction.

Link looked away. Jeff took the chance to throw a punch, but Link grabbed his fist. Then Jeff slammed his knee right bwteen Link's legs. Link was stunned and Jeff threw him to the ground. Jeff took a step back. Link got up and stood his grounds.

“Finish him off Red Dead,” He said.

Jeff was about to ask who the heck was Red Dead, but he got his answer when a cowboy in raged torn up cloths walked up. Jeff recognized the cowboy. It was the lone ranger from the game called RED DEAD ROVELER. The guy came up to Jeff. In one quick motion the guy pulled out a six-shooter. He fired. Jeff jumped at the last second, but it looked he pranced.

“DANCE,” the gunner shouted, while he fired again.

Jeff kept on jumping when the gunner fired. All he had to do was jump a few more times and the gunner would be out of bullets.


“DANCE BETTER,” Jeff thought to himself, “I’ll show you dancing.”

When the gunner fired again, Jeff jumped right into the beat. He started dancing the Billie Jean dance. He then noticed a spit bucket. He started to Moonwalk right over to it. Everyone stared at Jeff. Jeff started humming the beat to Billie Jean.

“Billie Jean, not my love,” he said under his breath, “YEAH!”

Jeff than gave the bucket a good solid kick. The bucket soared through the air right over to Link. Link caught it, but only for the contents to spill out onto his tunic. He was now madder than a charging bull put together. He was about to attack, but something cut him off guard. The bell rang!

“OH CRUDE! THE BELL,” Jeff thought.

Jeff walked over to Midna and Luigi.

“I suggest we get out of here,” he said.

They were about to walk away than they heard something.

“Well, well, well,” said a creepy voice from behind.

Jeff turned around and saw five ghosts with sashes. They looked like hall monitors.


Jeff, Midna, and Luigi started running for their lives. Jeff got out his schedule and looked for their homeroom. It was room 230 in the SMB hallway. They ran down one long hallway of lockers. Then he saw a sign that said SMB, but there wasn’t a hallway only a door.

“Through the door,” said Luigi.

On the other side was something no one would ever expect. It was a hallway, but the floor was green. The ceiling was blue. And there were random pipes lined with numbers. Jeff realized they were numbers for the classes. They walked down the hallway for a minute trying to find their homeroom before the Pacman ghost counld find them. They then found there a pip that was labeled 203. Right when they were about to jump in, someone came running down the hallway. It was…Mario.

“Luigi there you are,” he said, “Can you point me to pipe 203?”

“Its right here Mario,” Luigi answered.

“Thanks,” Mario replied, “Would have been here sooner, but I had to shake two ghost. Hey Luigi who are your friends?”

“Midna you know,” Luigi said, “This is Jeff.”

“Well with that out of the way I suggest we get to homeroom before…” Jeff started to say.

He was cut off when someone said, “Well, Well, well, could this be four dentitions I smell.”

Jeff turned slowly around. It was a pink ghost. Jeff realized it was Pinky.

“HIT THE DECK,” shouted Mario.

They all jumped into the pipe at the same time. Pinky looked down the pipe watching his prey escape.


Going through that pipe was an incredible experience for Jeff. It felt like going down the drain of a toilet. Which for most people this wouldn’t be a clean experience. The ride didn’t last very long. Jeff flew out of the pipe and landed right on his legs. He was now in a regular classroom. It had desks and a chalkboard. Looked like a regular classroom in any school. Jeff took a seat that was right next to Midna and Luigi. Jeff saw in this classroom a lot of familiar video game faces. He saw Miles “Tails” Prower, Waluigi, and Marty McFly. Jeff waited patiently for the teacher to arrive. He didn’t have to wait that long. A guy who looked like Mario came walking in. He was wearing doctor’s outfit. Jeff realized it was Doctor Mario.

“Good morning class,” he said, “Welcome to your homeroom. I’m Doctor Mario. This room will also serve as Science.”

Jeff was amazed. This school had everything, mysterious hallways based of different games.

“In about two hours,” Dr. Mario said, “We’ll file into in the auditorium. Then our principle will explain the system of the school.”

Things were going smoothly; things were getting explained. Jeff would understand the way the school worked.

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