Afternoon Tea: Intro

January 29, 2010
Zaxiria walked up to the door. His massive muscles showed through his muscle shirt and combat vest. His pronounced chin, five o’clock shadow and scar that crossed over his right eye, defined his dark face. His short crew cut hair made certain he had a clear field of vision. His harsh commanding voice, similar to that of actor, Samuel L. Jackson, bellowed into the house, as he demanded the person on the inside to open up. The small, scrawny man in the house went and grabbed a double barrel shot gun and ran behind a couch. The door came crashing down as Zaxiria kicked it. The small, scrawny man jumped up and shot at him with his shotgun. Zaxiria jumped and dove behind a wall. He drew his dart gun then ran out behind his cover on the wall. The man with the gun took aim as Zaxiria shot a perfect shot to the neck of the man. The man stumbled tried to raise his gun, then went crashing to the ground. Zaxiria walked up looking at the unconscious man and said in a funny remark “I forgot to say goodnight” then laughed at his own stupid remark.

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