The Warehouse

January 29, 2010
It was 5:00pm and I was bored. I invited Chris over for something to do but he was tired and we both had no energy. Everybody was busy doing something except for us. We threw ideas at each other but none of them were good. Finally I came up with an idea. We go to the city looking for something to do. It was okay with Chris so we went hoping that it would be okay with my parents. We went bowling, we played mini golf, and we even had our dinner but there was still nothing to do.
I was at home playing then the phone rang. It was Kyle. What does he want he’s at a graduation party. Kyle and I are good friends but he’s always looking for something to do. Anyway I pick up the phone and answer. The first thing Kyle says is “Hey do you want to come over and do something?”
I say, sure Kyle I will be right over. “It’s about a 10 minute walk but I don’t mind.”
When I get there he opens the door let’s me in, we go to his room and can’t find anything to do. Finally we start throwing ideas at each other and
Kyle says “Let’s walk into the city and look for something to do.
I said “Okay, that’s fine with me.”
When we get to the city we go bowling, played mini golf, and went to the local arcade. After that we decided that there was nothing to do so we went home. The long way home is walking through a countryside.
When we went home we took the long way home hoping that it would waste time. It did. As we were almost home we noticed an abandoned warehouse. We went inside just for the heck of it. When we get in it’s one of those places that is bigger than it looks. When we are inside there is a whole bunch of tires stacked high to the ceiling. Big tires, small tires, wide tires, and skinny tires. There is even some old cars broken into pieces in there. Anyway when inside we start wandering around and the next thing we know we are in some secret medieval burial place.
By the looks of this place it doesn’t look good. There are skulls and bones all over the place as if it was some sort of place that they used in the medieval times for burial. The only thing I can think of is that we are going to die in here. I only think that because we cannot escape from the hole in the floor. I told Kyle that and he said that we are going to live. I don’t believe him. Then we walk over to a wall and it has words on it. It says that in order to survive we will have to follow a series of events. First you will have to complete a puzzle, and then when we complete that we will come across the next event. When we get to the puzzle it is humungous. After about an hour we finally complete the puzzle. And when I mean we I mean me. Then our next event is we have to find certain pieces scattered in an area. After we find all of the pieces we need to build a totem pole and a secret door will appear. After we complete it the secret door opens and we walk down a flight of stairs. When we get to the arena there is an old man standing behind a podium. He says that you must choose someone to complete an obstacle course. So we decide that Kyle will do it. The man also says that after this you will receive a ring with 10 keys on it. With them you have to open a door that lets you escape. When the man says go Kyle takes off completing it in 15 minutes. Then I receive the set of keys and start fiddling around with them. Then when I get to the second to last key the door unlocks and we escape. When we are on the ground we give each other a hi-five and we both go back home to get some sleep.

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