There Down

January 28, 2010
By Anonymous


4:00 in the morning the alarm clock buzzed. “Thwack!” is the sound of Brian’s hand hitting the alarm clock to shut it up. “Waking up at four in the morning is the worst part of hunting!” Brian mumbled as he crawled out of his bed to get his clothes on.

Brian went upstairs to go wake up his son, Jake, so he could get ready to go.

When Jake was ready he came downstairs and had an English muffin with peanut butter and a glass of milk to wash it down.

Both Brian and Jake get their guns and head out to pick up Caleb.

When they go into the car Brain said to Jake, “You can go to sleep if you want to?”

“Nah I’m not that tired, I mean you only woke me up at four in the morning.” Jake sarcastically answered.

“What ever bud, I’ll hurt you!” Brian answered while laughing.

“HA HA HA!” Jake laughed. “Well I’m going to go to sleep wake me up when we get to Caleb’s.”

Ten minutes later Brian and Jake showed up at Caleb’s house.

“Thump!” Brian’s fist made as it hit Jake’s arm trying to wake him up.

“Oww! What was that for?” Jake yelled, while rubbing his arm.

“We are at Caleb’s, get in the back,” Brian answered.

“No, I’m staying in the front seat!” Jake answered while chuckling

“How about yeah!” Brian said. “Be in the back by the time I’m out from getting Caleb.”

“Alright, Alright I will!” Jake said

Brian returned in five minutes with Caleb, than they left to go get ready for the hunt.

As they arrived at their spot Brian turned off the car “vrrom.” Everyone got out and put on their facemask, gloves, and backpack to hold the shells. Brian, Caleb, and Jake loaded their guns with four shells then started to walk into the woods.

“Crack, rustle, crack!” was the sound of the sticks breaking under their feet.
“I’m just wondering if you two could walk a little bit more quietly so we don’t scare the turkeys!?” Caleb whispered so the birds couldn’t hear him.

“Jake stay with us, you are slowing us down and the sun is almost up!” Caleb stated quietly.

“Chill out, I’m right behind you, wow!” Jake said a little too loudly as they all heard the birds gobble in the distance.

“Ok, just shut up or you are going back to the truck!” Brian said.

“Ok can we just go,” Jake said annoyed.

“Yeah, we are almost there,” Brian said.

When they all got there, they all lined up ten feet from each other.

“Gobble, Gobble, Gobble… the turkeys!” Caleb whispered to Jake.

“I know!” Jake whispered back to Caleb.

“Don’t move!” Brian said very quietly to Jake. “Get your gun ready the turkeys are 50 feet away. Get ready…….! Only 20 feet away, wait till he is right in front of you!” Brian whispered to Jake and Caleb.

“BANG… BANG!” Jake and Caleb’s guns went off!

“Gobble… Gobble!”

“The turkeys are down!” Jake said with joy.

“Clean shot!” Brian said.

“I know I’m a champ!” Jake laughed

Brian, Jake, and Caleb carried the turkeys out to the truck so they could go home to strip and cook them.

“Good shot guys, I wish I could of shot but it was Jake’s first turkey hunt, so I’m proud of you Jake,” Brian informed them.

“Thank you, I just can’t wait to eat them!” Jake said.

They went home and stripped the turkeys, then cooked the turkeys for dinner.
“Mmmmmm…!” Jake said.

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