January 28, 2010
“What's that!?” Joe shouts. I just tripped over a vine hidden under the leaves.” Joe says.
“That’s not a vine that’s a giant shoe.” “Look, over their along that row of pine trees!” Sam exclaims.
Joe shouts,”Billy, Sam hurry lets go see what's inside.” The two young boys push the rusty door open while Sam stays back and watches. They walk inside. The three teenagers wipe the dust off an antique gun they found, Billy storms about the house looking for somebody, Joe can’t get over what he has seen.
“I’m going outside; you guys have made a big dust cloud. I can’t breathe at all.” Sam coughs. (The two boys follow her.)
“Let’s wait a minute to go back inside. I dropped the gun in there.” Joe says. “Joe where did you leave our guns?” Sam asks.
“I left them right here. Where did they go? They can’t just get up and walk away!” says Joe. “Someone has taken them!” Joe shouts.
“Come on guys! Where are they?” asks Sam. (Sam looks to her left.) “Oh my god! There’s a little old lady inside that “shoe type” building, looking out the window!” shouts Sam.
“Where? We don’t see anything.” the boys answered.

(The little old lady is gone! Sam, Billy, and Joe run inside the weird, spooky little house. Billy’s inside following tiny, little foot prints now.)
“Joe & Sam come quickly!” Billy whispers. “Look over here, theirs a door on the floor.” Billy adds then says, “It must lead to the basement.” Billy opens up the door, and sets it aside, as it comes off the hinges. The three friends walk down the narrow, spooky stairs. They see a little lady looking between the boxes stacked in the corner. She has an eerie little grin.
“Excuse me?” asks Sam.
“Can you please give our guns back?” Joe sighs.
“Its getting late and we need to go home.” Billy says. Then Billy asks her name.
The little lady answers,” Sue.”
“Do you know where our guns are?” Billy asks.
“No.” the little lady answers again. “There was a little black-haired kid that strolled on by here about… five minutes ago.” says the little old lady.
Joe asks, “There’s nobody around, are you sure?”
”Yeah, my son has black hair but he’s a very sneaky guy, he walks with a limp and likes to take stuff that interests him.” the little old lady replies. “My son, the little young black- haired kid, never like to be home, he’s always outside, he never even comes in to take a bath!” says the little old lady.
Joe exclaims, “Its 9 o’clock and we need our guns!” The old ladies son is looking into the window now. He set the guns down, on the porch, were Sam, Billy and Joe had first left them.
“Sam and Billy left for home but we’ll be back tomorrow to get our guns.” Joe says. The three kids walk home, without the guns.
Billy says “Why do I always get yelled at for something you two did??”
Joe whispers to Sam, “Because he’s the little one in the family, and because I’m more responsible.”
Sam snorts “Ha, you wish!” When they get home, they wait outside, deciding whether to go out the next day, or stay inside.

“When I woke up this morning, I had a wicked headache, but now it’s gone.” Joe says to Sam and Billy.
“Sam get our stuff together to go back out!” Billy shouts.
“Yeah I had a very strange dream last night too.” says Joe.
“So did I.” replies Billy.
“Me too!” shouts Sam from the other room. The group leaves a little while after.
“Where’s that little ladies house?” Sam goes.
“It was all just a dream last night.” says Joe.

…there’s no tire tracks, no “foot prints”. The little lady was gone…

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