Children of a lost Generation

January 29, 2010
By JonnyH GOLD, Silverdale, Washington
JonnyH GOLD, Silverdale, Washington
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Children of a lost generation

The creature coward down before his master, as if he knew that what he had done was wrong. His master merely kicked it away with ease.

“ Have you no remorse for the crime you have committed?”

“ Remorse sir?” said the creature cowering even more so now.

“ Don’t you know of the creed that the king has put out?”

“ But sir-.”

“ Don’t you ever talk back to me, or should I let my sward become accustomed to your neck. You’ll make another prized trophy of mine!”

“ Oh no sir. Please don’t, I promise I won’t ever do it again.” The creature said as he began to plead at his master’s feet.

“ Get your mangy hands off me you miserable creature. If I had any more sense in me I would have smitten you this instant. But seeing as though you have learned your lesson, get on home and forget about supper for a week!” The governor said as he gave a little chuckle and turned back to Eron.

“ Now where were we, ah yes, the king’s master at arms has asked for a militia of 100 men by tomorrow at the latest.”

“ 100 men. Are you mad? We haven’t even got that amount of people in this whole city, we ‘re down to a population of at most 50 people counting women and children.”

“ Oh Eron, always dwelling on what you don’t have. You’ll manage.” The governor said as he turned and headed toward his home atop the valley.

Meanwhile, back at his serving home, the creature was sitting on the top flight of stairs busy plotting his escape from the manor. The creature had despised his master ever since the first time he laid eyes on him. Now he was through with being mistreated. He was going to pursue his freedom…

When his master returned home he had a nasty look in his eye. He took out a gold flask and took a small gulp from it. When he had finished he placed the flask on a table by the entranceway to the stair well then looked up at the creature with an evil look.

“ So, you think you’ll skip out on chores today as well?”

“ My chores are done sir-“

“ What did I say about talking back to me you miserable elf?” His master said as he pulled out his gleaming sward and began walking over to the creature.

This struck fear into the creatures mind. For when his master drank even the smallest amount of that foul liquid in the flask he knew it would send his master on a rampage. The creature ran for his life out the front door and onto the city streets. The last bride he ran under before he departed from the city, he stopped to catch his breath. As he stood there the governor’s guards ran passed.

“ They mustn’t find you.” A voice said from behind the creature.

“ Come with me if you wish to continue your existence.”
The creature turned around and followed a sinister figure through the city. The sky was a pitch black by the time they reached the outskirts of the city. The city lights began to become dimmer as the creature and the man grew farther and farther away from the city. With little light it was hard to continue onward to their destination.

“ We will set up camp here for tonight. Tomorrow we will continue our journey eastward toward the city of Gildred where we will meet the men who will lead you to your freedom.” The man said as he layed down on the chilled grass and drifted off to sleep. The creature soon followed these actions and was soon asleep as well. When morning came the two followed the trail eastward until they came to a peculiar looking building. The building had a flat moss covered roof with a wooden door and steel paneled walls. The sinister looking man wrapped his knuckles on the wooden door three times and it opened with a creek.
The room inside was deeply concealed by shadows and was filled with about eight cloaked men just like the one that had lead the creature to the cabin.
“ Have you got the boy?”
“ I have master. But the boy is tired and he needs to-.”
“ Silence you fool! If the boy sleeps he dies and this whole plan will be setback.”
“ Yes master, I understand. I will leave the boy with you and continue my duties in Gildred.” Gilderath said as he walked out the wooden door and into the cool night air.
“ Now we can begin doing things. As you all know this boy is the key to our future, to Gildred’s future. When the signal is given we shall all continue farther East until we reach the city of Mortog, and that is only the beginning of a very perilous journey to the freedom of the children of a lost generation.”

After that synopsis there was a long pause before one of the men in the corner of the room stood up and said; “ the signal has been given, let us ride.”
The night air was dank and desolate with a brisk moist breeze blowing periodically. The men all rode on there own horses except one, this man rode with the creature behind the rest of the group. The horses were silent as they rode across the desolate plane. The ride took no more than two hours before they reached a wooden cabin with smoke rising from the chimney. Laughter could be heard from inside as well as the sound of joyful singing. Gilderath stepped off of his horse and wrapped his knuckles on the polished wood door.
“ Who is it?” A man asked incoherently from inside.
“ Gilderath, Sage, Atris, Mordrid and the boy.” Gilderath said.

The door opened revealing a room filled with merriment, men soldiers and even the bar tender were dancing and singing to the music from a fiddle.
“ Sorry man for not lettin’ ya in, can’t be to careful with the governor’s guards runnin’ around these parts. Come on in.”
“ What be your business out here?” Asked the Irish looking man as he offered Gilderath a butter beer.
“ The governor asked for a militia of 100 men did he no?” asked Gilderath.
“ Ay he did. Why do ya ask?”
“ Well does anyone in here actually know what for or why he was asking for that great number of men?” All of the men in the room shook their heads in confusion.
“ I believe that the governor is planning an attack on Gildred, that he is going to attack the city from within. If I am correct this could mean tragedy for the city and its citizens. I believe the attack will be started around the central part of the city and that they will spread out eastward until it reaches the ancient city of Mortog.”
“ But Mortog is the heart of our existence, we can not let it be destroyed, what should we do?” One of the men said as he stood up in front of the group.
“ There is only one way to end this tragedy before it starts. Eron, have you handed over the militia yet?”
“ No I haven’t, I have nowhere to find 100 men.”
“ Take a horse and ride to tell the master at arms not to release any men to the governor’s command.” Faster than anyone thought he could ever go, Eron was out the door and on his way.
“ Now men you all know the secret of the elders do you not? Well this boy or creature as he was once called is no creature. He was once a child, tonight is the night of honor for him, he will show his master his true identity as a child of the lost generation.”
The room fell silent at this statement.
“ But what shall become of us if the king’s sorcerer detects his magic?”
“ We shall bear those challenges as they come. Who is with me!?” The room bellowed with standing ovation as everyone raised their glasses in agreement. The celebration was brought to an end when an awful sound was heard outside. It was the sound of Gorons sound of Gorons. Gorons were the worst possible beasts you could imagine. With fangs the size of swards and claws as sharp as razor blades these creatures were unstoppable. The only reason for the Gorons being there was that the sorcerer himself sent them. When the men proceeded outside, the grassy field was scorched with fire and screeching sounds could be heard as the Gorons fled the seen.
“ We must move before they attack again!” Gilderath said as he mounted his horse yet again. The sound of the horse’s hooves broke the epic silence as the men and the creature rode off past the city of Gildred and onto the city of Mortog. Mortog was an ancient city if the elders. It was said that it was there where all of this treachery began it was there where the Eldest was killed and it was there where the governor betrayed his people. The men were on their way to end it once and for all. The many miles that the group traveled was a tiresome journey. Until they reached a long grassy field. This was odd to Gilderath; they had not seen grass for nearly thirty miles now.
“ Something’s not right.” Gilderath said taking a look at the surroundings.
“ Oh come off it man, it’s only grass.” The horses hooves began to tremble and shudder. Until, they gave way. As the horses fell to the ground one after another, the illusion began to disappear. Molten rock took the place of the grassy field and tree stumps took the place of hemlocks.

The author's comments:
This is a short story about a country thst is trying to gain freedom from its tyrannical leaders.

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