Afternoon Tea: Act One Chapters 4-5

January 29, 2010
Chapter 4: Run!

The red light filled the room. Then it went to green and flashed. Zaxiria ran a jumped right out of the back of the cargo plane. He went streamlined and free felled to the night over a town in Brazil. Falling faster and faster the roof of the Factory got bigger and bigger. Zaxirai pulled his chute and laded safely on the roof. He turned and saw the Colonel also landed safely.
“Load up, stay frosty we don’t know if they know were here, keep it quiet.” Colonel said over the COM (radio)
“Wilco” Zaxirai said as his way of understanding.

Suddenly pings of bullets whizzing by Zaxirias head. Flashes from the other side of the roof as ten enemy’s were moving towards them firing.
“Open fire, screw being quiet!” Colonel said over the COM

Zaxirai raised his M4A1 Carbine (standard US military issues assault rifle) and started firing at the men. He dropped three men in about thirty seconds. Two other men fell as the Colonel opened fire.
“Fire in the hole!” Yelled the Colonel as he lobed a grenade
A large bang and a bight flash as the rest of the men up in a bust of fire and sharp metal.
“Clear.” Zaxiria said over the com. Just as he said a bullet narrowly misses his head. Zaxiria looks up to see a Helicopter flying above shooting down at them.
“MOVE!” Colonel yelled. Both the Colonel and Zaxiria ran to a cover between them and the chopper. They had to keep their heads down by the hail of bullets coming from the choppers light machine gun.
“I can’t get a shot of the gunner!” Zaxiria said. He looked to see the Colonel but he was already loading a grenade into his grenade launcher underneath his Carbine.
“I do, sit back and watch the light show.” Colonel said. He stood up took aim and fired. The light thud of the grenade leaving the barrel; a short brief time then occurred. Suddenly the cockpit bust into fire as the grenade goes off. The chopper spins and goes out of control as it heads to the ground. It hits the ground and a bright light as the whole chopper burst into flames.
“Nice shot Colonel!” Zaxiria said.
“Wilco, Sport go in through the door over there, Markov is still in the building, ill go in through the ladder to the right.” Colonel commanded
“Wilco” Zaxiria said as he moved to the door. He kicked it opened and walked down the stair cautiously looking everywhere. He got down to a long metal grate platform looking over the factory floor. He looked up and saw Markov looking right at him half way down the platform. Zaxiria raised his Carbine and fired two rounds at Markov; which narrowly missed him as Markov turned the corner. Zaxiria lowered his gun and sprinted down the platform after him. He reached the corner and was hit in the face by Markov punching him. Zaxiria lost his footing and stumbled over the railing and fell down onto the concrete floor below. Zaxiria got up fast, looked up and saw Markov continue running on the platform. Zaxiria raised his gun and started firing while running parallel to him. The bullet narrowly misses Markov as he goes into a small control room. Then suddenly Markov came flying out of the window of the room as the Colonel tackles him. Markov lands into the water pit below followed by Colonel. Then they appeared as the Colonel is holding Markov up and holding a M9 (standard US military issue sidearm) to his head.
“We got you, you son of a bitch!” The Colonel said while spiting water out of his mouth.

Chapter 5: The Salvation

The security guard walked calmly up to the massive van. The man inside all shaded so not to see his face. He approached the door looked up. “Do you have your papers?” he said as suddenly bullets pelt him. Holes in the side of the doors and pinging of a silence sub machine gun. The guard stumbled back and fell dead. The door opened. Divebomb stepped out and grabbed the guard’s keys. He jumps back into the van and drives into the complex. The night sky so clear and waiting for what is about to happen.

Commander Adonis Morpheus walked up to the main screen in the HQ. “What is it?” He asked the assistant
“We are receiving a message.” He said.
“On screen.” Commander said.

The screen flickers and Atomic Dragon appeared on the screen. He proceeded to say something in German. Then he switched to English.
“ Freedom, what is freedom but a contagious dieses that spreads with idiocy.” Atomic Dragon said.
“Connect us with the White house and Pentagon, send them live link of this they’ll want to hear.” The commander ordered.
“The poor suffers, nothing gets done.” Atomic Dragon continued. “So what does your freedom amount to? Nothing, arguing, failure death, your freedom is hell! People need to be controlled, they cannot be allowed to have freedom, and they become savage and violent. Controlled is what’s need and instill you realize it you will suffer.” He said then it cut to a video feed of a city.
“What is that?” Commander asked
“Calico sir.”

The commander remembered. How could he forget that city? It was the second biggest city, the silver city. All the building had mirror windows making the already Nevada sun even brighter then it would normally. Then suddenly everything goes white in a big flash. Then all that is seen is a massive fireball, and then a cloud. A hydrogen bomb just exploded in the heart of Calico. The fire engulfed everything and destroyed ever-single building.
“Sir, was that real?”
“I don’t know.” Commander said
“It was commander.” Said a man on the phone “we just got confirmation from NATO satellites.

The commander just stood there in shock as thousands of lives died right before his eyes.

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