Afternoon Tea: Act One Chapter 1-3

January 29, 2010
ACT ONE: Alpha

Chapter 1: Crash

Zaxiria walked back to his black 2010 Dodge Challenger, in my personal opinion an amazing car. He turned on the engine and burned out of the driveway. As he was driving along, a massive truck broadsides him. Zaxiria is unphased and gets out of the car. The man in the truck stays in his car. He couldn’t see the man’s face as the window was tinted.
“Hey…. HEY!” Zaxiria yelled angrily to the man “Get Out of your damn car you worthless peace of s***!”

The man still stayed in his car. Zaxiria came running up to the door in a fit of rage and ripped it open. The man in the truck was staring at him holding a gun at Zaxiria. Zaxiria jumped just in time when the man shot. He put a primed grenade under the car. Then walked away as the truck exploded in a ball of flames when the grenade went off. When the fired subsided Zaxiria approached the destroyed truck. In the flames there was a symbol painted on the door of the truck. It looked to Zaxiria, as an Atomic bomb surrounded by a dragoon, there was the words “Acta Sanctorum”. Zaxiria knew it was Latin for “Deeds of the saints”.

Chapter 2: Deeds of the Saints.

Atomic Dragon stood there watching his plan unfold. He is German with massive muscular body, short blond hair and a massive burn scar on the left side of his face. He watches the man carry the hydrogen bombs into the truck. He though to himself that his dad would have been proud of him.
“Where done your greatness.” Said Biz Daddy Sixshot, Atomic Dragons right hand man. He was a short man, round too. With long black hair tired up in a ponytail. Biz Daddy Sixshots real name is Juan-Luke McKinley, been a part of crime all his life. Likes to think sometimes that he could be the brain of the operation but respects and looks up to Atomic Dragon.

Atomic Dragon looked at Biz and nodded his head. Biz turned around and looked at a tall muscular man wearing a cap, his name was Divebomb. His real name, which he hates, is Mark M.Vice. Divebomb is a tall man, what you would call the perfect swimmers body. With broad shoulders, lean but fit, he keeps to himself but is someone you would always want on your side.
Divebomb also turned around, now both him and Biz were looking at the about twelve men finishing up loading the trucks. Both Divebomb and Biz took out light machine guns, cocked them back and opened fire and killed all twelve men. They turned around and they went with Atomic Dragon in to the truck and left the complex.

Chapter 3: City of hopes and dreams

Zaxiria walked confitly up to a wall of brick in the middle of the city Montalia in the United States of America. About ten years ago a massive storm devastated the East coast of the United States. The South Coast of Massachusetts, Buzzards Bay region, was the hardest hit. Almost everything destroyed, buildings, trees, roads, all devastated. Out of the destruction the Montalia Corporation saw hope. They filled in the bay were Ram Island was and started building industry. Now ten years later, Montalia is the most prosporuse city in the entire world. The massive gold building of the Montalia Corporation is the apex as it radiates out form Ram Island all the way to the once city of New Bedford.
The wall, Zaxiria was looking out, flicked light then disapered and showed an elevator, which Zaxiria walked into. The elevator lurched and shot straight down. Then the widoew on it showed the great expances that is the C-5 BH HQ, Great open space were massive helicpter like planes fly around and Hummers going to and frow. The elevator went under this floor then stoped. A kind welcoming femal voice came over the intercom. “Comand Deck” it said in its pleasing voice. The door opened and the busy men of the command deck was shown walking around performing there daily tast. Holographis moniters on the wall, showing maps and red dots, statistical data, and info on any one in the world. Zaxiria aprroched the middle were there was a big leather chair facing away from him. Zaxiria stoped; stod at attention, rasied his hand in a slute and said.
“Here to report Commander Morpheus”

The chair swung around and Comander Adonis Morpheus stood up. His massive muscels shown through his commander leather trench coat like jacket. His dark face with short crew cut and White streack in it highlighted by his eye patch over his left eye. His deep but expirenced voice anwserd back.
“At ease Captain Phrixos, what do you have to report Zaxiria?”
“ Target 1138 is in custody, no problems, but there was an incident on they way here,” Zaxiria reported
“That will have to wait there is something important. At 23:45 yesterday a top-secret military complex was broken in to, five prototype hydrogen bombs were taken. We got surveillance and was able to see who it was, the problem is that they wanted to be know who they are so this isn’t some black market s*** this is a real threat.” The captain said. He walked over to a screen and three profile and pictures came on with Atomic Dragoon, Biz Daddy sixshot, and Divebomb. “They call themselves the Dragons, they believe they are the saviors of the world” A picture of their symbol came up and Zaxiria look as it was the same on the truck door. “Their leader, Tiberius M. Froken, a.k.a Atomic dragon, believes that the free nations are evil and will bring about Armageddon. He is psychotic and dangerous. We need to find them, we have one lead, an associate of there’s named Markov, and he is in Brazil. We are going to air drop you on his drug factory, get in and bring him back alive.” The captain said.
“What do you mean we?” Zaxiria asked.
“He is going with you,” The captain said pointing to a dark figure in the corner.

The light from the end of his cigar shown dully on his un-light face. “Hey sport” a deep Scottish accent said.

Zaxiria could never forget that voice
“Cornal” he replied to his old commander.

The man through his cigar and came out of the dark. A close shaved Mohawk is the stand out feature of his head. With a massive tattoo that half circle his left eye and curved around the rest of the left side of his head. His close shaven beard/gotte combo also drew attention to his sharp experienced face. Zaxiria Stood at attention.
“Colonel Wallace, its nice to see you again, its been to long.” Zaxiria said.
Colonel Scott Wallace walked up to Zaxiria. Tall muscular but agile body.
“No time to rest sport were leaving right now,” Colonel said.
“Yes sir” Zaxiria replied

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