January 28, 2010
By dodgers7 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
dodgers7 BRONZE, Fonda, New York
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The car was back again. Same car same guy sitting in the driver’s seat. Now he had a friend in the car with him. We were playing 2 on 2 on the play ground. I haven’t been playing much because I have been watching the car more than playing basketball. Blake said,” we should go home guys that car is really scaring me.” The car has been there for four days straight, just sitting there. We started to walk home slowly because everyone was pretty tired from playing basketball. Then the car moved fast right at us. We started running. We ran into the alley behind the school. The car couldn’t fit in the alley so we thought we were safe, but the two men got out of the car and started running at us. We told Brandon, our fastest runner, to go to the police station which was about half a mile away from the school. He started to run. Then we distracted the two men and then we started to run to the back of the alley. We saw a little hole in a fence. We crawled through it with plenty of time. They couldn’t catch us. We ran across the yard and then I looked back to see that they were too big to fit through the fence. They ran back to the car and started to drive around the school. We had no idea where we were running but we ran out into the street.

I saw the car out of the corner of my eye. Steve was going to die from how much running he has done. The two men parked the car on the side of the street. We ran into someone’s backyard we hid behind some bushes but Steve hides under the porch then the two men walked into the backyard. Steve sneaked out from the other side of the porch and started to run. The men didn’t hear him run away so we stayed still in the bushes. Steve screamed very loud. The man saw him. He was running back to the school. The men ran after him. Jeff and I saw them leave so we got out of the bushes. We started to run back to the school. My heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest. I wish we had a phone right now. We heard Steve scream again and even louder. We looked back at the car. The men had Steve. One of the men put Steve into the car and one of the men stayed behind so Steve couldn’t run away. This time one of the men stepped out with a gun.
We knew he wasn’t kidding around now. We ran back to the school. There was still no sign of Brandon or the police. Jeff and I hide in the dumpster behind the school. The dumpster wasn’t that bad because there was no garbage in it. We peeked through a hole in the side of the dumpster. We couldn’t see him. One of the men came around the corner with the gun in his hand; I wish Brandon was back already. He didn’t even look at the dumpster. We thought we were safe. The dumpster opened fast. Then man pointed the gun right at my face. He told us to get out of the dumpster. He put me and Jeff into the car. We started driving fast, over the limit, I think. My heart was going faster and faster then I blacked out. I woke up Steve was shaking me. I looked up we were on the Thruway. Everything was still fuzzy. I heard sirens coming from left to right. I was excited it was all going to be over. The car started too speeded up. I looked at the road and two policemen threw something with spikes on the road. The car crashed into a ditch. We were all okay but the driver was lying with his head on the dashboard. He was dead. But the other man went running out of the car. He was going to get away, but the policeman shot him in the leg. He dropped to the ground. One policeman said, “Are you alright?”And everyone said “yeah.” Then Brandon Was there he helped us get out of the car. It was over.

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stop not writing


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