A Dreamland Battle

January 18, 2010
By kmanley PLATINUM, Loveland, Ohio
kmanley PLATINUM, Loveland, Ohio
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I closed my eyes to drift to rest,
Not an aching muscle could protest.
Yet my mind still longed to stray,
My arms wept as my thoughts would play.
For what could tire human thinking?
(My breath slowed, my eyes closing, blinking)
“I’m wide awake”, under my breath, with a yawn,
“I shan’t sleep, yet, for the sun ain’t gone”
(Grammar, you know, fades till dawn)
I blink, one-two, and hop out of bed,
There’s a pirate here, and a ship overhead!
(Oh, how my soul was filled with dread!)
So, as any teenage girl would do then,
I sought the help of the three wise men.
I hopped out the window and flew into town.
Found a wise man trying on a wedding gown.
“Where are your brethren? Pirates are coming!”
We found wise man #2, doing some plumbing.
“Come on now! Where’s Three? We need you all!
The pirates are coming, and they want to brawl!”
Three was gone, so what could we do?
We sought the help of my pet kangaroo.
(What, you didn’t expect us to?)
With a hop-hop-hop and two wise men and me,
We vowed, “Pirate, we banish thee!”
But who would guess, he was wise man three!
I crawled back in bed, so a’ scared
Against this fellow, we were unprepared!
Pirate-Three, he just laughed and said,
“You silly child, get out of bed!”
He shook my shoulders, oh, so cruel,
And said, “GET UP, you have school!”
Said, “You slept through your alarm, sleeping ugly”
Opened my eyes to see my sister, staring smugly.
The only noise I made was a peep.
“Why are you tired? You had such a deep sleep!”
She said I was lazy, said she would tattle.
No one understands us champions of battle.

I go to school, excited for night,
That pirate sure better be ready to fight!

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