The Shortest and Greatest Story Ever

January 19, 2010
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He was a valiant knight who rode a mighty stallion of white that clashed with his dark suit of armor. A well learned master of the art of war he was; for it was life-style chosen by many, but in which only few succeeded. He was on top of the food chain of the dragon-slayers: provoking many to bow to him as he rode by.

He is currently attempting to slay the monster that has been terrorizing his people. The evil forces are mighty, a great challenge for the hope of good. There is but one way to defeat his adversary and that is in a mental challenge.

“My cruel friend, I gave a question I would like to pose you,” said the knight.

“Grww,” grumbled the fiend.

“Are you telling the truth when you lie in bed?” asked the knight.

“Grraaa,” screeched the dragon as it fell over out of confusion. The intrepid knight succeeds once again in slaying his foe.

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