Honeymoon with a twist part 1

January 18, 2010
The church bells rang as I took the last look of myself in the mirror. My hair was done all fancy in an up-do and my make-up was very natural looking. I tugged at my dress one more time, to secure a snug fit over my breasts.

“Come on Summer, you’ll be fine,” Kayle, my maid of honor, said. “Just take a deep breath and let’s go.” She grabbed her bouquet of sunflowers and headed out with my two other bridesmaids.

I did as she told me, taking one last deep breath to calm my nerves. I lined up behind the bridesmaids and groomsmen and secured my hold on my father. The organ began to play and the line began to move, getting me closer and closer to the sanctuary.

Molly, Kayle’s little cousin, was the flower girl and she spread sunflower petals on the aisle. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, so we changed it up from the traditional red rose.

“Here we go,” my dad whispered.

We began walking and I looked through my powder white veil and locked my eyes to Blake’s. He was smiling in his all black tux.

Over the past few months I had learned so much about myself, how strong I really am when I just believe I can do something, how angry and stubborn I can be when someone agitates me, and how much I love the man standing in front of me.

We reached the end of the long walk, the organ stopped playing and my dad kissed me on the cheek as he lifted the veil away from my face. He shook Blake’s hand, and then went to sit down. I didn’t bother looking for Mr. Tali, Blake’s father, because I knew he was against our marriage, but as I grabbed a hold of Blake’s hand, he slid in through the back door and had a seat.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of these two people, Summer Kristina Grace and Blake Henderson Tali. These two lovely people would like to share their vows with you now. Summer?” The priest questioned.

I sighed. I had written my vow on a note card the previous night but I grabbed it from Kayle and ripped it up. “Blake, you are the love of my life. Before you, I was no one; just a dorky grad student studying what some people think is a gross major.” I had just gotten my doctorate, at age 24, in pathology, to become a medical examiner. “When I met you, I was immediately attracted to you. Something about your charm and your love for life drew me in. What I’m trying to say is that we were meant to be and I am so happy that we are here today, I love you.” Blake squeezed my hand and mouthed, ‘I love you, too’, to me.

After the vows, the I do’s and pictures, we were finally at the reception. We had an all dessert wedding reception, catered by Sammy’s Sweet Shoppe, an amazing bakery.

After the speeches and hugs, we were in the limo, making out, headed for the airport, and to the Atlantis, a resort in the Bahamas.

“I am so glad we are out of there. Way too much hugging with people I didn’t know,” Blake laughed.

“Hey, those people are some how related to me, so be nice,” I said, playfully punching him in the arm. I began to change into an all white summer dress, something significantly smaller than my ball gown wedding dress. All of a sudden the limo stopped. The driver said that we popped a tire and he was going to fix it.

“Great way to start the honeymoon,” Blake mumbled. Then he grabbed me around the waist and kissed me.

We got off the plane to the warm and humid blast of the Bahamas. We made it to the Atlantis, all in one piece, no flat tires, just a sound of gunshot in the background. The gun shot startled me but I didn’t think too much of it.

“Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Tali to the Atlantis. Your suite is the honeymoon suite on the twenty-first floor. If you need anything at all, feel free to call the desk. My name is Amaya and myself or any other the workers will help you out. I hope you enjoy your stay at Atlantis,” the male at the front counter said.

“Thank you,” Blake answered. We walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. A male in his late thirties stood close to Blake, showing his .22 caliber hand gun.

“Excuse me sir, but I don’t think you are allowed to have a gun here,” I said bravely.

“I sure am, I can do anything I damn want to,” the man yelled. An elevator opened and he walked in.

“Let’s wait for the next one,” Blake whispered and I nodded.

“You wanted an elevator and you got one, don’t be scared of me, come on in,” the man said.

Blake and I hesitated while the man pressed the hold button, then we climbed into the elevator with him.

“So newlyweds, huh?” The man mumbled.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” I asked.

“I heard you talking to the front counter,” he said.

That’s creepy, I thought. He listened to us and he has a gun. I can feel this guy is up to no good.

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