January 16, 2010
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Chapter 1
“You are going to have to be her partner! Now stop Kene!” exclaimed Jak.
“Stop what, Jak! Arguing? Stop showing my displeasure…stop showing my resentment…stop showing my current emotion, you say. Well, it’s rather hard if you don’t mind!” exclaimed even better, Kene. Jak and Kene looked at each other deeply in the huge, glass windowed office in which Jak owned. Actually, Jak owned the entire 9 story building they were in. He was head of all squat teams that were enlisted in his empire. So in other words, he was the boss. Kene was well known for being one of the best leaders period. He worked with the best, trained with the best, and always was one-step ahead of everyone else. He was also well known for starting confrontations with his boss but always managing to keep his job.
“But…why? I’ve never had a partner-especially an inexperienced one! She’s going to get me killed out there! What could we have in common-” “You both are young…24. You may have succeeded a lot more than her but she has succeeded more intellectually. You have no intellectual experience…well, you don’t act like it. You think because you’re 6’3, dark hair, blue eyes, very strong with excellent endurance and proclaim yourself a ladies’ man, you think you will succeed in everything you do in life…no. I think it’ll be fun to have a woman’s point-of-view. Besides, she’ll be here in approximately 7 minutes.” Said Jak, with a small but noticeable smirk on his face.
“Say what! You just told me this information about 4 minutes ago! You just planned this? Why was I not informed early?” asked Kene with a shocked, displeased and disturbed look. His jaw was hanging open lower than should be.
Jak barely got the words out without laughing at Kene’s facial expression. “Because then…I would have to your tantrum longer. Now go down to room 72 on floor 8 and you’ll meet her there.” Jak got up from his chair behind the desk he was sitting in and shoved Kene out of his office. Kene looked around the room full of squat members behind their desk looking at him with smiles on their faces waiting for him to leave so they could laugh. He got to the elevator outside the room behind glass windows. As soon as he got in and the door closed, he heard the entire 9th floor dying with laughter. He looked down at his shoes with embarrassment as the elevator took him to his destination. When he got off the elevator, he went down the surprisingly long hallway to room 72. Kene entered and saw a table in the middle of the empty room. He also saw two security cameras on both sides of the ceiling. He knew Jak and everyone else on the 9th floor would be watching. There was one metal chair on both ends of the table. He sat in the chair next to the white envelope that was also lying on the table. He supposed it was probably information about his mystery woman. He analyzed the papers in the envelope about his soon to be-I don’t really want her-but I’ll lose my entire career if I don’t-so I guess I have to-I just hope she’s hot - partner. As he waited the next 2 minutes for her to arrive, he had a few choice words to say to the security cameras and everyone watching.

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MsLei said...
Feb. 6, 2010 at 12:00 pm
Very well done. This article gave the reader very good visuals of the scene. The character development and back ground information was so excellent that in a few sentences it made you want to learn more about Kene and Jak. I am also wondering who is the mystery lady and how things will turn out. I cannot wait until Chapter 2 is posted.
cupcakes&cookies said...
Feb. 4, 2010 at 7:50 am
Very good job at describing the scene as well as emotions and facial expressions. I was looking forward to the actual meeting between Kene and the woman. Wanted to read more!
arixa8 replied...
Feb. 4, 2010 at 9:48 pm
Thanks 4 the comment and the woman will be in the 2nd chapter
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