January 16, 2010
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I see my friends walking to there cars knowing there day is over and they get to go home and I am sitting there staring at them feeling bad about being a underclassman knowing I got 6 classes but I really want to cut my day short by cutting 2 classes. So I start walking towards there car with a big smile on my face I look to the right see the campus security riding in there carts to come bust me so I make a run for it not noticing my shoe lace is untied so the next thing you notice im tumbling on the ground. I hear my friends laughing historically I see the tires pull up to my face on the black pavement the security pulling me up with a smirk on there face and put me in the back of the cart. Im sitting in a room with the principals secretary looking through the glass watching the principal and the security get a good laugh about my incident. I see the principal signal the secretary to tell me to go in his office my palms are sweaty my feet fill like they have three hundred pounds attached to them a million things rushing through my head hoping I don’t get suspended or they don’t call my mom. I see the principal with a smirk on his face the room seems like its getting smaller by the minute. He tells me to have a seat so he starts the conversation with sarcasm how was the fall at the time I thought it was the stupidest thing I ever heard. He continues the conversation by lecturing me how its bad to be ditching he says he is not going to call my mom a sigh of relief from me but he gave me after school detention.

So I open the door to detention not knowing what I would see. I look around im the first one there I feel like a total loser the teacher looks at me and say what are you doing in here I thought I would never see you here. I look at him for a minute thinking to my self he look very familiar to me I think who is he. It Pops in my head he is my English teacher so he tells me to have a seat. Im seating waiting for the other students to come in thinking who will I see will I get bullied will they beat me up. So time passes no one shows up maybe it was the right day for me to learn my lesson I wont get picked on I can sit in here and do my homework in peace. So I start on my essay and next thing you know I see the handle on the door start to move. Edward and his gang come in. Edward is the biggest Bully of them all if they had a Bully compition he would win first place that about the only thing he would win first in. Him and his gang are not smart or athletic there all just big and dumb maybe I can out smart them its on. So they look at me then look at the teacher and laugh. There are 20 seats in the detention room and they decide to sit next to me. When the teacher is not looking one of them slaps me in the back of the head another gives me wedgie and the other spits little wads of paper at me. I look at the clock it is three thirty and detention gets out at four. Im thinking to myself things can not get worse it does the teacher says “ he has to use the bathroom and stay in here quite wile he dose’. I felt like saying take me with you I see him lock the door so I cant make a run for it. What do I do should I stand up to him or should I crawl up in the fiddle position. He was gone for 5 min what felt like 5 hours to me. Edward and his gang really took advantage of the time he was gone. I might have to leave detention in a stretcher. He comes back and ask us if we were good I felt like screaming at him and saying do I look ok.

There is 5 minutes left in this horrible place. Im starring at the clock picturing me running out the door yelling im free im free. The next thing you no it Edward punches me in the head. I said alright time to stand up for myself I really wish my friends can see this so I stand up turn around the teacher is still not looking so with all my might in my little arms I take a swing at Edward and I hit him he falls to the ground uncountious and I look at his gang do you want some and they seem like they seen a ghost. I hear Robert what have you done he picks up Edward and grabs me by the ear. I think I don’t care if I get suspended it was worth seeing the bully drop. So im back were I started early this day. Im looking through the glass hoping to see a smile but I don’t I see a face with a lot of concern and I see Edward with ice on his eye. I see the principle signal the secretary so I walk in there but im not nervous at all I comely sit down and the principal looking through my records he finds nothing I never been in trouble a day in my life except today he says I know he is bully so im call your mom and both of you got detention for 5 month. Man im not glad I hit him now just 5 minutes I could not Waite 5 minutes. Now I got 5 months of getting picked on.

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