Chris Kearns

January 15, 2010
After having a tough stretch of days Kearns decided to hit the gym and pump some iron. As usual he beasted it up and was barely tired. After lifting Kearns decided he needed to brush his teeth because his breath smelt bad from all the pancakes and cheerios he ate that morning. Feeling stupid, Kearns remembered how he left his toothpaste next to his Darth Vader alarm clock. Thinking fast Kearns busted into a locker, went through the bag in the locker, and took out the toothpaste. “ Let me get that boom boom pow,” Kearns yelled in satisfaction after brushing his teeth with the tooth paste. Without question Kearns pocketed the toothpaste in his bright yellow pants, and went on home. After using the toothpaste everything went right or Kearns. He scored an all-time high on Jetman his favorite video game, and he won a free collection of the first 5 seasons of “Full House.” The next morning Kearns decided to hit the gym again. He saw the bag sitting out in which he took the toothpaste from. In shock a young fellow who looked like a mix between Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson was sitting next to it. He decided it was too easy living life on this toothpaste. He gave the toothpaste back.

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