Besides, It's Friday

January 24, 2010
She quietly shuffles across the hallway, her knuckles white from the tightness at which she clutches the dark green ‘Algebra 2’ textbook to her chest. Her baggy worn light blue jeans drag on the floor, just barely gripping her tiny waist with the help of a thin black belt. A tiny flash of orange is caught just above her belt with every soundless step she takes. An inch of midriff is shown from the shortness of the tight plain magenta T. She takes a deep breath and quickly runs across the hallway towards the stairs and rushes down them to the second floor, she then turns left towards her own locker at full speed. Then, suddenly, with a gasp, she horribly overestimates her speed and the distance of the locker and smashes headfirst into the cool metal. With a screech, she flings herself to the floor and moans in pain while grasping her forehead. Tiny squeaky laughter suddenly leaks through the shell of pain wrapped over her head. With a groan, she falls gently back on the biting cold tile and sighs as the ache slowly thaws. The tingling laughter only grows higher in pitch and an involuntary twitch pulls at the corner of her face.

“God, I hate that laugh.” She grumbles as she slowly sits up to stare at the source of annoyance.

A small orange kitten is perched on top of the lockers. There is a white spot surrounding her left eye and her paws are white as well. Her mouth is wide open in a strange contortion to support the un-cat like sound. She then shuts it revealing bright green eyes and leaps from the locker towards the girl. In mid-air her body then twists and convulses. A sickly crackling noise rings from the tiny creatures body and the muscles ripple and writhe under her fur. By the time the girls feels the weight of the cat, she is perched on her shoulder as a small orange and white canary. Her bright orange beak opens as the small beady eyes glisten green in the light.

“Amber, what are you trying to do?” This time the noise made was more of a squawk. Amber opens her mouth to answer, but shock leaps up her throat and snatches away her words as she hears heavy boots hitting the floor at a struggled pace behind her. The canary turns towards the noise. She gasps and her entire body seems to blow into the air like sand, retaining an orange hue as it circles about Ambers arm trying to shake free of the unwanted color. Amber turns around to meet the boots, still conscious of the, now invisible, breeze brushing against her skin. A heavy man in his late thirties trudges up the steps, struggling fiercely for breath. Bags drop heavily under his dark dull cow eyes and the veins in his forehead are grotesquely bulging and pulsing against his strain. He bears a bald spot forming at the top of his head, while white hairs streak through the brown clumps around his scalp. His green shirt constricts his hefty form causing his belly to swell forth. He wears baggy jeans with a black belt, sloppily hidden by his gut. His chest heaves as he generously leans his weight against the lockers and beads of sweat stand out all over his body. His skin is dark tan and his nose has a type of snout like shape.
The wind swiftly creeps up Ambers arm and brushes past her neck, causing a chill to play up her spine, and whispers a sense of confusion in her ear. However, she ignores it and swings around on her heel picking up her textbook with her left hand while she viciously twists the lock on her locker, then throws it open, the sound of metal on metal catching the mans attention. She then tosses the book in the locker, tears her neon orange backpack out and slams it shut. The man yells some thickly accented words, presumably requesting her cooperation, but she pays him no mind as she rushes down the corridor towards the second staircase and laughs freely as she smashes through the huge metal doors, down the gray stone steps, and out into the sun beaten parking lot.
As she rushes towards the bike racks the wind struggles to keep up, lacing itself through the locks of brown curly hair, its shifting fingers pulling at her body futilely trying to slow her down. She was faintly aware of the sound of metal doors opening behind her and labored grunting. A grin spread across her face as she fiddled anxiously with the bike chain. Her grin grew wider as the adrenaline pumped ferociously through her system and the man drew closer. She let out a rigged yelp of excitement as she grabbed the chain and wrapped it around her knuckles. The man was only a few feet away and she just began to notice the mix of confusion and fearful excitement whipping at her body. She jumped on the bike and sped off just managing to duck under the pudgy arms of her pursuer. She giggled wildly, pedaling as hard as she could. The wind rushed pats her to the front of the bike and began to regain its orange tint as it swirled in a sphere above her bike basket. Suddenly, another series of cracking noises sounded off and a light orange, almost brown, rat fell out of the wind and into the basket with an unhappy expression, crossing its tiny pink hands over its chest. Amber slowed her pace and came to a stop at the co9rner of the street. She gasped for breath with a huge smirk stretched across her face. The rat leaned over the side of the basket and twitched its nose in irritation.

“Did you skip detention again!?” She squeaked in a high pitch nasally voice, her bright green eyes standing out strangely against the fur stared disapprovingly at her.

“Anidori, calm down. There is nothing wrong with what I did.” Anidori’s long naked pink tail flicked showing her lack of gullibility towards the subject. Amber sighed and started pedaling again towards home.

Besides its Friday….” She muttered under her breath. Anidori rolled her little beady eyes and slumped back in the basket.

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