Ever Burn

January 23, 2010
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The overly skinny girls with their rats nests and tangles of bleach blond poofed up until they towered over their heads, danced, if it could be called that, in the glare of the blinding strobe lights. The D.J. sitting in the booth was pumping out the latest whinny voiced punks song, bass cranked up, as his fingers skimmed a crossed the records. The waitress ducked her fiery locks behind her ear sighing to herself as she picked up the discarded plates sparks flickering through her veins. What is a country girl doing working her she thought? It had seemed wonderful at first all the new places, people, not to mention hot men, but after 4 months of them copping feels as they walked by and watching anorexic teenagers, with kohl dipping fingers and eyes pulse in the strobe light she was ready to quit. The dirty dishes piled shook and tipped threatening to crash into a million fragments as she battered her way through the crowd. Sliding the dishes over the counter, she smiled at the cook, “Look at all them h*’s dancing and shaking what their mama gave them, bet their mamas would cry if they could see them now.” He said his southern voice twanging as he shook his impeccably waved golden locks. “It’s a pity, wish some of them tanned southern girls with the curves would come up here, they put these models to shame.”

“You and your southern bells, if it was so nice why’d you leave?” Briar returned with a laugh.

“Cause I was stupid,” Dallas said laughing, “Go on babe take this order, over to that pale guy sitting at table 7.”

Glancing over Briar shivered as the pale man lounging with his hand draped around a young girls waist started, flinty gray eyes flickering up to meet hers. “What a creep,” she thought. Pasting on a fake toothy smile she straightened her short jean skirt, wishing for the millionth time it covered a few more inches of her tanned legs. “Got my back Dallas?”

“And your front baby doll, don’t worry he won’t try anything,” he leaned forward confidently, “too many witnesses.”

“That’s reassuring,” she muttered sarcastically to herself as she straightened her name tag, with it’s overly cheerful My Name Is printed in bright pink, and then the most horrifying part, Rose written in cutesy cursive, lucky she’d been able to black sharpie Briar over top of the Rose until only a small trace was left, much to her managers dismay. Squaring her shoulders she scooped up the fillets of salmon and caviar, struggling to breath through her mouth, what was it with this creep and fish anyway, or the rich in fish for that matter, what is so appetizing about fish eggs she thought glancing at the shivering gold mass trying to avoid shuddering. Feeling eyes scanning her she glanced up catching the steely stare of the impeccably dressed man at table seven, he was boldly accessing her from head to foot, rudely she glared back, fighting the urge to cover her exposed legs as he continued his examination. Reaching the table Briar plunked the dishes down on the table, startling the blonde huddled at the man’s side, glaring up with large owlish eyes, her pale complexion seemed luminous in the low light. “Is there anything else you need sir?” Briar spit out as venomously as possible. Struggling to keep the fire flowing through her veins contained.

“How much?”
“How much for what exactly?” She snapped sparks igniting her words.
“For your services tonight, I’m sure they don’t come cheap, but I’m willing to pay. I’m a man of many means.” He said with a self confident smile, removing his hand from the shocked blonds waist and smoothing down his slicked back straight greasy brown locks.

“What’s your name,” She forced a smile, “sir.” She said watching the blonde shoot laser beams at her forehead, ‘if looks could kill’ she thought wryly. Too bad Barbie model five was getting her lacy Victoria secret panties into a large wedgy inducing knot, for no reason.

“Caed, Caed Swift to be exact, Red Lief Corporation’s newly appointed executive, we build the newest prototypes of armor and ammunition.”

“Well, Mr. Swift your resume, quite frankly does not impress me, and really doesn’t affect my answer at all, which is still absolutely no.” She said leaning her sparking hands on the table, “And Mr. Swift,” She said scooping up the plate of caviar, “You should never speak to any woman that way.” She said forcefully as she dumped the plate on his lap. Beside his the blonde looked in horror down at her dress mascara beginning to streak her cheek as she dabbed at the mess. Reaching into her apron she handed the woman some napkins, “ Sorry sugar.” Briar murmured sweetly as southern sugar. The girl looked up with big doe eyes the bruise on her cheek bone, shimmering in the light.

Mopping at his pants Mr. Swift enraged eyes seemed to glow red in the dim light,“You will regret this b****.” He spit at Briar.
“Get up.” He commanded as the shivering blonde tried to make blend into the vinyl booth, shaking her head she raised her hands, as his lashed out at her face, crying out silently she cupped her cheek. Taking advantage Caed snatched the blondes arm yanking her violently to her feet, and dragging her out of the booth. The blonde still clutching her check stumbled crying out. Hands shaking, Briar dimly noticed the shrieking music had stopped, and the bewildered dancers stood in herds, complaints making an agitated wave. As some of the more observant flock members began forming a circle around the table. Stepping into Caed’s path Briar grabbed the muscled arm ensnaring the blondes wrist like a shackle, “Let her go.”

“Let go of me b****. I’ll have you dealt with later, she is mine.” He said snarling as he lashed punched out. Leaning back the punch breezed past her cheek, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own strength?” Briar shouted dodging another punch as her hand began to shimmer and glow in the dim light. Caed’s fist punched out again, as Dallas stepped into the circle, catching his arm and twisting until a bone crunching pop echoed in the sudden silence, crying out in pain Caed fell to his knees losing his grip on the girl.

“I suggest you leave, now, you are not wanted in this club, leave the girl, and don’t never think bout coming back.” He growled southern accent deepening the angrier he got. Standing shakily Caed glared at the blonde, “You will never be safe, Kierea never, I can always find you.” He growled, flashing a threatening smile, I promise you.”

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