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January 21, 2010
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“In the right hand corner is Zack. He is a fool for fighting. He is undefeated, fourteen years old, 5’3”, 115 lb., in blue and red shorts. He is fairly new to U.F.C. He is fighting for a chance at the featherweight belt. He told us he would fight anybody for it.
In the left hand corner of the ring, he stands 5’2” and weighs 115 lb and is fifteen years old. He is Finley. He was born in Greenland. He is also looking for a chance for the featherweight belt. He has ten wins, 10 K.O. and 5 losses. He will be fighting Zack, the number one contender for the featherweight belt.”

“Fight!” said the ref. Finley threw Zack to the ground and hit him with many right hand blows to the face. Finley hit him with an elbow. Zack’s nose began to bleed. The first round was almost over. The bell rang and Finley got off of Zack and let him up.

Zack got the blood cleaned off his face. The ref said, “Are you ready to fight?”
They both said, “Yes!”
The ref told them to keep the fight clean. “Begin!”

Zack came out with a hard kick to Finley’s head. Finley stumbled back and fell. He scrambled to get back up. He threw a wild right hand and missed Zack. Zack stepped back a foot and ducked. He quickly came back up with an uppercut to Finley’s chin. Finley stumbled as he fell. Zack quickly jumped on Finley and hit him with a right hand and knocked Finley out.
The ref said, “Ok. Enough.”
Zack stupidly hit Finley one more time just because. The ref said, “Zack has won by a knockout. He is the challenger for the featherweight belt. Now Zack will go on to fight Gage for the featherweight belt.”
Zack quickly threw his arms up as he had won the match.
“Hey, dad! Get me up at four in the morning to run and to do my pushups before school!” Zack yelled from his room.
“I will get you up, boy.”

The next day, he got up and ran his seven miles and did his pushups and sit-ups. After all of that, he had time to eat some pancakes and drink a protein shake. Then he ran to school.

Everybody told him, “Good job, Zack. You really did beat Finley. Wow!”
At the end of the school day, he ran to homeroom to get his report card. He made it just before the bell rang. He looked at it and was mad he gotten an E in math. All the rest were A’s. He knew his dad wouldn’t let him fight Gage if he didn’t get that one grade up.
He walked through the door of his house and gave his dad his report card. His dad looked over it and said, “You got an E in math. How?” He was so mad, he put a hole in the wall.

He yelled, “If you don’t get an A in that class, you will not fight Gage! You got that, Zack?”
“Yes, sir,” he responded.
For the next nine months, he worked as hard as he could to get all A’s. He still ran and did his pushups and sit-ups in the morning.

His dad paid for a trainer named John. He was one of the best adult U.F.C. fighters. He trained Zack for six months. John taught Zack how to use his upper body strength. He showed him many hand locks. Now Zack knows how to hit Gage with many deadly blows.
Zack’s next report card came in the mail nine weeks later. He had gotten all A’s. His dad was very proud of him. He told Zack, “You can fight Gage, and if you win, I will buy you a brand new car.”

The next day they flew from Chicago to Miami to go to the fight. The plane took off for a six-hour flight. Just before it took off, Zack fell asleep.

When they arrived in Miami, they got a rental car and drove to the fight club where the match would be held. Before the fight, Zack wrapped his wrists so he wouldn’t injure them. He also put on his lucky blue and red shorts.
As his introductory music began, he ran out to the ring.
The man that was refereeing the fight said, “This is a fight for the featherweight championship belt. The challenger, Zack, is 5’3”, 115 lbs, and undefeated. He has wanted this match for a very long time.
“The champion, Gage, is 5’2”, born in Miami. He weighs 120 lbs. He is fifteen years old. Wearing red shorts and in the right hand corner, he has won forty times and lost nine.”

The ref asked if they both were ready to fight. They both said, “Yes” at the same time.
”Fight!” the ref said very loudly in a quick manner.

Gage came out with a strong knee to Zack’s head. Zack threw a right hook and caught Gage on the cheek. Gage fell hard to the ground. Zack quickly jumped on him and was pounding him with many rights and lefts.
All Gage had to do was last for 15 more seconds. Zack hit him with many elbows to Gage’s head. As the bell rang, Gage’s head started to gush out blood onto the mat.

The ref asked, “If they are both ready, can we begin the second round?”
Gage stumbled to get a few hits in. Zack hit Gage with a flying knee to the right side of his forehead. Gage fell. Zack just stood there and didn’t move. He wanted Gage to get back up.
After ten seconds, he did not. The ref said, “Ring the bell.”

The man announcing said, “This match has been won by Zack by a K.O.!”
Zack threw his arms up and yelled, “Yes! I’m finally champion!”
Zack and Gage shook hands to show good sportsmanship. Now Gage has won forty and lost ten fights.

Zack said, “This has been my best fight yet.”
He was happy he had won the fight. He got a new car, but he really didn’t care about the car as much as the championship belt.

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