Suicide island part 1

January 19, 2010
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Tick! The clock in the classroom moved another minuet closer to summer brake. Tick! Another minuet added to time done with the year. The sun was bleed off sweltering hot waves of sun. Tick! One more minuet less till no more school. It was science class and Mr.Bernt, the science teacher was lecturing which only made time go slower. Tick! Another minuet had past. Ethan is in 11th grade with a brain of a college graduate. He is brown eyed, tall, and handsome. His best friend Billy sat in front of him. Tick! Ethan’s feet looked like they were dancing on fire from all his fidgeting. Billy was doing air drums so it looked like he had a solo. Tick! One minuet to go until no more school. Billy spun around with a grin on his face starting to count down from 30 to 29 to 28. Ethan joined in and their low chat became the whole class in a loud singing chant, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Papers everywhere except on their desks. Everyone sprung up like someone released the pressure on a lot of springs and know they flew up. The hallway was a flooded mess of kids. The bus was filled. And the school was empty.
Everyone on the bus was sweating and anxious to get out like pigs in a slaughter house. When the bus creaked to a stop at Ethan’s house he was as excited as a five year old in a house made of chocolate, because he was going sailing with his dad and his friend Billy with his dad. Ethan walked down the cobblestone walk way to his old house. He walked up to his big doorway and opened it slowly. But was stopped before he could enter by his mom’s bear hug. The rest of the day Ethan relaxed in his bed room.

The next day Ethan prepared for his sailing adventure, because he was leaving in about 3 days. By the day before he left he had enough supplies for 20 people but really only 4 were going. Ethan couldn’t sleep hat night he was so excited. By sunset of the next day the bout was in the water. Ethan hugged his mom goodbye.
“I want you to be very careful out there Ethan” his mom said
“I know” responded Ethan.
Ethan’s mom watched them until they twinkled off into the sunset. That night Ethan slept well on the ship. To him the ocean always helped him fall asleep.

Ethan was the first one to wake up that morning. And as being the first one up he had made breakfast for everyone, scrambled eggs with toast. Ethan went up to see how the day was. The most perfect day of all. The sky wore a silk blue blanket decorated with few clouds. Ethan went back down bellow the deck to grab some grub but it was all eaten by the time he was down there. He realized he shouldn’t trust his shipmates with a full plate of eggs. The day flew by with swimming and relaxing inside. By the time everyone was going to bed they had to tie up the sails. Billy bad to tie up the boom so the ship would go strait on course but he was too pre occupied by feeding the fish.
“You done tying up the boom” asked Ethan
“Yeah" lied Billy. Everyone went down stairs for a round of poker unaware a storm was brewing.
“I’ll raise you two chips” said Ethan as the two boys were playing poker.
“I will call that” Billy responded placing 2 more chips into the pile which was stacked very high. Billy placed down his cards. He had a full house. Ethan just shook his head and grinned. Ethan placed down a strait flush. Billy was shocked. Ethan collected his tiles. All of a sudden his tower of tiles came crashing down on top of him.
“What was that for” asked Ethan
“It wasn’t me, I swear” responded Billy. They both looked at each other than ran on top of the ship. On top of the ship the boom was swinging like crazy. The waves splashed from all sides. It was the middle of the night, the dads were asleep, and Ethan just looked around trying to take in everything that was happening. Billy ran to stop the crazy boom but Ethan just stood there. He watched as Billy Stood right in front of the boom. The boom swung strait for him, he ducked. The boom came back hard. He turned to face me mouthing words that I couldn’t hear. Billy turned around, WHACK! The boom had struck him right in the face. Blood was streaking from his nose as he fell into the dark deathly water. At that moment it looked like Ethan just woke up from sitting there. He ran to the side of the bout to check if Billy was ok. He was drifting in the water. Ethan spun around to look for the boom but it was to late, WHACK! Ethan flew into the water with a mouth full of blood and a nose bleed. He had got hit much harder, than Billy. The last words he heard were “ETHAN” until he flew into a deep sleep.
(see Part 2)

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