Suicide Island

January 19, 2010
By Zach Finzi BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
Zach Finzi BRONZE, Fairfield, Connecticut
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Tick! The clock in the classroom moved another minuet closer to summer brake. It was science class and Mr.Bernt, the science teacher was lecturing which only made time go slower. Tick! Another minuet had past. Ethan is in 11th grade with a brain of a college graduate. He is brown eyed, tall, and handsome. His best friend Billy sat in front of him. Tick! Ethan’s feet looked like they were dancing on fire from all his fidgeting. Billy was doing air drums so it looked like he had a solo. Tick! One minuet to go until no more school. Billy spun around with a grin on his face starting to count down from 30 to 29 to 28. Ethan joined in and their low chat became the whole class in a loud singing chant, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Papers everywhere except on their desks. Everyone sprung up like someone released the pressure on a lot of springs and know they flew up. The hallway was a flooded mess of kids. The bus was filled. And the school was empty.
When the bus creaked to a stop at Ethan’s house he was as excited as a five year old in a house made of chocolate, because he was going sailing with his dad and his friend Billy with his dad. Ethan walked down the cobblestone walk way to his old house. He walked up to his big doorway and opened it slowly. But was stopped before he could enter by his mom’s bear hug.

The next day Ethan prepared for his sailing adventure, because he was leaving in about 3 days. By the day before he left he had enough supplies for 20 people but really only 4 were going. Ethan couldn’t sleep hat night he was so excited. By sunset of the next day the bout was in the water. Ethan hugged his mom goodbye.
“I want you to be very careful out there Ethan” his mom said
“I know” responded Ethan.
Ethan’s mom watched them until they twinkled off into the sunset.

Ethan was the first one to wake up that morning. Ethan went up to see how the day was. The most perfect day of all. The sky wore a silk blue blanket decorated with few clouds. The day flew by with swimming and relaxing inside. By the time everyone was going to bed they had to tie up the sails. Billy bad to tie up the boom so the ship would go strait on course but he was too pre occupied by feeding the fish.
“You done tying up the boom” asked Ethan
“Yeah" lied Billy. Everyone went down stairs for a round of poker unaware a storm was brewing.

As Billy and Ethan settled in to their beds the boat shook crazily. They both looked at each other than ran on top of the ship. On top of the ship the boom was swinging like crazy. The waves splashed from all sides. It was the middle of the night, the dads were asleep, and Ethan just looked around trying to take in everything that was happening. Billy ran to stop the crazy boom but Ethan just stood there. He watched as Billy Stood right in front of the boom. The boom swung strait for him, he ducked. The boom came back hard. He turned to face me mouthing words that I couldn’t hear. Billy turned around, WHACK! The boom had struck him right in the face. Blood was streaking from his nose as he fell into the dark deathly water. At that moment it looked like Ethan just woke up from sitting there. He ran to the side of the bout to check if Billy was ok. He was drifting in the water. Ethan spun around to look for the boom but it was to late, WHACK! Ethan flew into the water with a mouth full of blood and a nose bleed. He had got hit much harder, than Billy. The last words he heard were “ETHAN” until he flew into a deep sleep.

Ethan Awoke on a soft sand beach. The sun hung high in the sky while the clouds we thin wisps of cotton candy. The sand was hot. It felt like it was a beautiful day on the beach. Ethan looked around. It looked he was on a deserted island. Alerted by the scenery he stood up and noticed a large jungle in the center of the island. He looked at the water which was a crystal clear pool of blue. He saw some splashing in the water and thought it was a fish, but as it emerged from the water more it was a boy. He looked exactly like Billy, in fact it was Billy. There was nothing in the world that Ethan would like to see more than Billy after that horrible dream. Billy slowly walked up to Ethan.
“The sleeping beauty awakes” said Billy. The two of them sat down on the sand. Billy wore everything he wore the night he had got knocked off the ship. And he told Ethan the whole story.
“So you carried me to this island when I was unconscious?” asked Ethan
“Well you and I were bleeding If I waited we would have been shark chow, plus I saw this island so I started swimming” said Billy
“Well if we got to this place there must be a way off” said Ethan
“It isn’t as easy as it seams, you see I’ve been trying to build rafts fires everything but nothing has worked so far. We may be stuck on this island for the rest of our lives. Not seeing our family, our friends, not anyone. Why even keep living I mean we were going to the Bahamas and know we are in the middle of the ocean about 100 miles from land, what’s the point of living if you loose so much from being on this island” said Billy
“What are you saying, have you been drinking see water or something, because this is not the Billy that, got us home when we were lost on our camping trip. This is not the Billy who walked all the way from his house to mine just because he wanted to see how I was doing. Were has my friend gone. We can survive together if you trust me. So what do you say” said Ethan who was know on his feet. Billy looked at Ethan’s hand and took it with his. They both grinned at each other.

For the rest of the day they looked for supplies to survive with. Billy went to look for fire wood while Ethan looked for food. Ethan walked around the island. Skipping some stones on the water while he went for food. It felt like he walked for miles, but then he reached a tall banana tree that was screaming out to be climbed. He hugged the tree wrapping his legs around also. He inched up a foot at a time. SCRATCH! Ethan was oozing blood from a cut the tree had gave him. He inched up another foot watching were his arms were. He inched up again, then again. Finally he reached the top grabbing the bananas and sliding down cutting himself once more.
He walked back to where he awoke that day to smell fire. Billy had made fire! Ethan walked over to Billy.
“Why are you all cut up like that?” asked Billy
“Long story” said Ethan. The two of them sat down and ate the bananas next to a warm fire.

Weeks went by and the boys had cleaned the island of all their bananas. They had little time on the island.

The next morning Ethan woke up late. He saw that Billy was hunched over near the ocean holding a stick in his hand. Ethan couldn’t make out the whole stick so he assumed the best that it was a spear he had made for more fishing. As Ethan got closer to Billy, Billy froze and that’s when Ethan saw that it was a spear that he made but it wasn’t for fishing. He had the splintery wood pointing at his heart.
“Billy, put the stick down” said Ethan “put it down”
“Don’t come near me” said Billy in a rascally voice. Ethan moved one toe then it happened.
“NOOOOOOO” cried Ethan. But it was too late Billy had killed himself. Billy committed suicide.

Without the help of his friend he would never survive. He thought good-bye world and everyone I know. He then looked down at the spear with Billy’s blood on it. HOOOOOOONK! A cruise ship sailed in the distance. He saw as the massive ship began to turn towards him him. It looked like someone shot a huge missile at him and it moved in slow motion. As the bout pulled up to shore Ethan ran out to it .He was eager to get on and go home. The captain said that the smoke coming from the island drew him in. He agreed to let him stay on the bout and drop him off in Miami, on one condition. His job at day was to sweep the deck. He told every one his story of his friend and his adventures. A few days later he pulled up to the harbor. His house was only a mile down the rood. He decided to walk, bare feet and all. He entered threw the little gate leading to his house. He walked down the coble stone walk way, ripped pants and all. He walked up to the big door of his house and rang the doorbell twice like always. His little old mom appeared in the door way of his house. She looked up then down checking who he was.
She quivered as she spoke,” Ethan is that you?” she asked
“Yeah mom, it’s me”

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