One Night

January 19, 2010
By Rachel Berry BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Rachel Berry BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Goodnight Rachel, my mom says as she leans down to kiss my forehead and my dad does the same as he turns out the light. I pull the covers up to my chin and squeeze my blanket, I am in my old room at my old house. As I let my heavy eye lids droop down over my eyes as I drift into a world of possibilities, a world that only I know. I see my house, it is a pleasant day, only a few perfectly shaped clouds float in the sky, my brother and I are laying in the soft green grass while Shelly, our dog, barks at a squirrel racing up a tree. Suddenly a shadow is cast in the sky covering the length of the backyard. I being to tremble out of fear as i realize that it is a floating pirate ship, I see pirates leaping out of the ship and invading our home. They are big and scary with mussels their shirt sleeves can hardly contain. They are also foul smelling of beer and sweat. My brother and I run into our house, Shelly kipping at our heels. We shut and lock the door, they just shatter the glass and waltz on through. They have knives and guns strapped to there legs and torso, they began to grab my parents and take them away, tying them up in clear plastic garbage bags, they also take my brother and Shelly. I am still inside my house, feeling helpless with cold, salty tears running down my face. I call out to my mom, but she does not respond. My mom, dad, brother, and dog are all lying unconscious on the ground in clear plastic garbage bags. My brothers face is slashed and my moms wrists are cut while blood drips down them, staining their skin and clothes. I run out and beg the evil men to let my family go, but they just look back at me, with evil smiles spreading across all of their faces. I fall to the ground, helpless and crying. I am small only about five or six years old and know that there is nothing i can do. The next thing i remember is my name being softly called, i wake up to see my mom and dad sitting next to me on the bed as light pours into my now open bedroom windows. My mom has a worried expression on her face and asks me if I’m okay. I sit up, slightly disoriented and realize i am sweaty and my face is wet with tears. I ask what happened and as she tells me that she tried to wake me up but i wouldn't budge I can only remember how terrified I was only a few moments ago. I will never forget that dream again i think to my self as i fall back into the safety of my moms arms. She kisses my forehead and tells me that she is glad that it is all over now.

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