Track and Field

January 14, 2010
By karl.s SILVER, Houston, Texas
karl.s SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Track and Field

The goal my eight-grade year in track and field was to beat my record in the 400 meters. But in order for me to beat that record, I would have to go to practice and not talk to my friends while I work out. This would be very hard for me because I love talking to my friends. My coach believed in me that I could beat the record, and I remember her saying to me, “Karl if you really want to beat that record you would have to work hard everyday to achieve your goal.” Throughout the whole season I had those words stuck in my head as I trained and I worked as hard as possible. I was always the first one that finished my workouts, which I thought were very tough. Sometimes I couldn’t even think straight and I felt sick because I was working so hard. I thought I was going to die at times, but I pushed myself to finish my workout so I could become a better athlete. Towards the end of the season we had our last track meet and that is where all my hard work paid off. When I arrived at the meet I felt very nervous, as if there were butterflies in my stomach, but at the same time I was excited and fired up. The 400 meters is my favorite event. Before I started my event the whole track team came out to the field to watch me race and cheer me on. My coach started telling me, “Karl, you can do this. This is what you have been practicing for all season. Just remember to pace yourself throughout the race so you don’t get tired.” As I walked up to the starting blocks I felt light headed and very nervous. I got settled into my starting position and waited for the sound of the gun. As soon as I heard the gun I started a slow and steady pace. As I am running I slowly see everyone pass me and at that second, I repeatedly say to myself, “Don’t speed up, pace yourself.” Half way through the race I am in last place and then realize that it is time to catch up. Immediately I start sprinting as fast as my legs could possibly move. As I came around the last turn it is a three-way tie for first place. I took a quick glance at my competitors and started thinking in my head, “There is no way that I am going to loose this race after all the hard work I have done this season.” I immediately start running faster in a dead sprint towards the finish line. I finished the race in first place, and as soon as I crossed the finish line I dropped down to my knees and tried to catch my breath again. I felt very light headed and my legs felt as if they were weightless. When I finished the race the whole track team and all my friends went crazy. They all were so happy for me and we all started celebrating out on the field. My last track meet was one of my favorite moments of my life. This is because I trained hard and pushed myself into becoming a better athlete. The lesson that I learned my eight-grade year was in order to achieve your goal, you must work hard and practice, and practice makes perfect.

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