Story Beginning

January 13, 2010
By , logan, UT
It was late at night and Prince Ivan could not sleep. He was out walking the halls of the great castle when he heard the scream.
“Get out of my head!”
It was faint at first and he didn’t know if he had actually herd something or if his mind was just playing tricks on him. The prince stopped and listened. Another scream, He picked up his pace to a slight jog twords where he thought it was coming from. He turned a sharp corner and herd another scream. This time louder. The prince started running and drew the slim, stiff Etsoc from the scabbard that was fastened to his side. The screams grew louder and louder as he got closer. The prince got to the great doors to the throne room where the king would grant audiances to the people. He shoved them open and burst in ready for anything. But all the prince could see was the great, fur covered throne holding a man clad in great silver armor clawing at his head.
“Father?” said the prince “I herd you screaming, are you alright?”
AI see her@
ASee who?@
AHER! I see her in my dreams!@
AWhat is she doing?@
AShe is tormenting me, I wish she wasn=t there!@
AYou have nothing to worry about Sire, there is no way it can hurt you@
AYou don=t think I know that? I killed it myself!@
AOf course, forgive me@
AIt=s alright.@ He said in a strangely calm voice AI=m sorry my son, these dreams just keep coming back.@
“Its alright father.”
King Isaac got up out of his throne and walks toward his kneeling son.
AYour mother was a great woman, before that wretched thing.@
AI don=t remember father... I was very young. I only remember the stories.@
AI know my son. You were still just a little baby. Your mother was the greatest woman I have ever known and loved. She was loved by all. One night she was acting strangely thou. She yelled at the servants and even struck one. She never did that. She never got mad. I don=t think she had ever raised her voice at anything.@ The king was now walking around the throne room. AThat night I called upon our sage because I was worried about her. The sage walked into the room and before she even looked at your mother she said >there is something evil present= and I looked at her and said >where?= and the sage pointed to your mother and said >in her, she has been possessed. By whom, or what I don=t exactly know. My lord please leave the room and let me look her over= and so I left. It seemed to be hours before the sage came out telling me there is nothing we can do and that the spirit has almost completely taken her. She said your mother had been fighting it for a long time but it was slowly overcoming her. I asked her what I should do. And she said >I don=t know. The only thing I can think of is to kill her.= I just looked at her dumbfounded and told her there is no way I can kill my own wife. >Then I don=t know what to tell you= she said and then was gone.@ Isaac was now looking at the swords hanging on the walls. AThat night your sister was taken. We searched for days but couldn=t find her. It was like she just disappeared. There was no trace. During the days your mother had gotten worse, the servants wouldn=t go near her unless forced. We had to lock her in her room for her safety and the safety of others. We only go in to take her food and drink. One night she had finely snapped and slit a servant=s throat that was bringing her food. The guards came in and didn=t know what to do. She killed them took a sword off one of the body=s and searched me out. She found me here@ Isaac said pointing to his throne. AHere heartbroken at the loss of your sister. She walked in and with out a word she struck me@ he pointed to the long scar across his forehead. ALucky for me I was still wearing my helm and armor but I was still bleeding badly. She attacked again and a dodged it and drew my sword@

At this the king took sword off the wall as if to emphasize Aand blocked another attack, >what are you doing!?= I asked her. She looked at me with deep black eyes and she struck at me again. AWhat do you want?@ I shouted at her and in a deep almost inhuman voice she said AWar!@ I blocked and parried her attacks trying to think of something to do. She kept attacking it seemed like she never wore out or got tired. I asked her what she did with my daughter but she didn=t answer. Just kept attacking. I tried to talk to her and get her to stop but she didn=t. There seemed to be no end. Then suddenly out of no where she stopped. She looked at me with sky blue eyes, she was fighting it, trying to take over her own body again. She said >strike= but I couldn=t, I couldn=t kill my own wife. She lifted her own blade and thrust it into her heart. She screamed and a shadow was lifted out of her and vanished. She looked at me and said with teary eyes >I=m sorry= and she died, there, in my arms. I cried. My tears fell, no, they crashed, all around her.
AIt=s been 17 years sense that night. The spirit, or daemon, or whatever it was has never come back to haunt us.@ The prince looked up at his father with teary eyes as the king started walking to where he was. AThen again" said the king still walking towards him sword in hand Ait could have been right in front of us the whole time@ the prince looked up to see his father just before the blade hit. Or at least almost hit. The prince sprang up just in time to doge the strike. AWhat are you doing@ he shouted at the king, confused. AI can=t have you getting in the way.@ the prince looked closely to see his fathers eyes were pitch black. The king swung at him again but the prince dogged the blow. AIn the way of what?@ he shouted at the man before him. AOf the war.@ said the thing said mockingly AYou don=t think I took over this old mans body for fun did you?@ it said as it struck again this time slicing the boys arm. The prince grabbed his arm in reaction and pulled it away to see it was bleeding. Badly. He looked around for something to protect himself with and saw the swords the king was previously looking at. He was about to run to them when he was attacked again this time in his leg. The young man fell to the ground, not able to support his own weight. The thing walked and stood before him. He tried to crawl away but was struck in his other arm. The prince was hopeless and knew he was about to die. The spirit was about to end it when the prince said AWhat are you?@ The man just looked at him and laughed saying AI am Chaos!@ And then it struck and the prince fell. His dead mangled body bleeding everywhere.
AGeneral!@ shouted Chaos. The general ran in seeing the slaughtered body of the prince on the floor. Confused he asked AWhat happened here?@ The general looked around for an answer and saw the bloody sword in the king=s hand. AWhat did you do?@ he exclaimed, confused. Chaos looked at the General in disgust AMust I do EVERYTHING!?@ Chaos yelled as he ran up and stuck the bloody sword into the general=s side. AMayhem!@ shouted Chaos over the Generals screaming. Suddenly a black aura slid out of Chaos=s hand, down the sword and into the general=s side. The general stopped screaming and his body fell limp on the floor. Then stood up and looked at Chaos with dark grey eyes. AYou shouted brother?@ Mayhem said with elegance. AIts time.@ Chaos said with a grim smile. ALovely.@ Mayhem said with a toothy grin.

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