The Light continued

January 13, 2010
By , Manassas, VA
Narrator: Several hours have passed since Juni found out that she was destined to save the world…or would she.
Juni: I’m freaking out here. Help Me!
Jake: I don’t know what to do.
Juni: I can’t leave; I have a huge party tomorrow.
Jake: Is that all you can think about? All you do is think about yourself and your party.
Juni: I do not! I think about other things… besides we can’t argue now… not when…not when
Narrator: Juni begins to cry and Jake holds her and comforts her.
Juni’s mom: Juni, honey, I have someone you need to meet.
Juni: Not now mom.
Juni’s mom: Yes now. There is something I haven’t told you… you are a twin.
Juni& Jake: WHAT!!!
Juni’s mom: Yes I want you to meet your sister Elena.
Narrator: Both Elena and Juni are shocked to meet their twin. They mutter their hellos. Juni and Jake begin to wonder if Juni really is the light or is Elena.
Juni’s mom: Well I’ll let you guys get to know each other.
Juni: Jake are you sure you saw me in the dream, or was it her.
Jake: Don’t be rude… I don’t know which one of you I saw.
Elena: What are you talking about…? This is just great I always wanted a sister, now I have one and she and her boyfriend are INSANE!
Juni: I’m not insane, I am just stressed because I might have to save the world, tomorrow I turn 16… if I live that long.
Elena: Oh, well how do you know you have to save the world?
Jake: I can see the future in my dreams. I saw one of you being given back to the source… tonight …midnight.
Elena: OH!!
Jake& Juni: Yeah.
Elena: I know which one of us is the light.
Jake: I didn’t even mention the light, how do you know about it?
Elena: I’m the light.
Juni: Your life must have been hard knowing that one day you would have to save the world.
Elena: Not really… I mean I never lived in one place for long so I’ve never really had any friends.
Juni: Oh.
Narrator: Several hours later at 11:30 the three teens go to the oldest building in town… the church.
Juni: I don’t know you very well but, I will miss you. I just met you but it feels like I’ve known you forever.
Elena: Don’t linger on me. I love you, I always have and I always will.
Jake: It’s almost time.
Narrator: Juni and Elena say their good-byes. Then all of a sudden a light engulfs the girls in mid-hug. Juni steps out of the light. The twins wave to each other as Elena completes her destiny of saving the world.

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