Robot Rampage

January 13, 2010
Bentley Johnson pulled his red wagon with a tall object under a white tarp through the busy streets of Chicago, Illinois. He had blond, matted hair, brown eyes, and glasses over his eyes. His face was pale and he wore a green sweater vest over a white t-shirt. Today was the day this 15 year old turned in his science fair project, a giant RC robot, that he called Frank. Bentley loved to invent things. Whether it was robots, building models, fixing something, or anything else mechanical, he was always up for it.

“Hey Bentley!” someone called out. Bentley turned to see his best and only friend, the up and coming pitcher, fifteen year old Larry Catchler. As usual he wore a baseball jersey. It was different every day. Today’s was the Milwaukee Brewer Prince Fielder. Larry had black hair, green eyes, and a scar across his face from a baseball incident. “So that’s Frank huh ?” he asked. Bentley nodded. “I would have thought you would have gone with Charlotte,” Larry commented.
“No dice, Joe smashed her, but I’ll bring her home tonight.”

The two got to Jameson High School and wheeled the wagon up to the gym. But, before they reached the door. Bentley was pulled up by the back of his shirt and was put eye level to the local bully, Joe Barttello. He wore a red flannel jacket with the sleeve ripped off. His breath was as bad as jumping head first into a dumpster filled with old fish heads. His teeth were pure yellow, and his hair was a red Mohawk. His jeans were faded, and a huge hole was on his knee. He wore a chain as a belt and a pair of black sneakers covered his feet.
“Well, well, well Dork-ley.” Joe growled, “Still playing nerd surgery are we ?” the bully chuckled. Bentley gulped. Larry, himself, and half the school tried to rat him out, but Joe had a good way of covering his tracks.

Joe tore the tarp off of Frank and he gave a wicked laugh. Frank was a tall robot, about six feet tall, with a rounded off head and body with large arms. He had a red and silver paint job, plus an extendable arm. In the wagon was the instructions, a remote control, and a pair of goggles. Bentley was big on inventing, and this was his most prized invention, the vision visors. They allowed him to see and hear what his robotic creations saw and heard. Joe threw the duo into the trash can and went off on his merry way with Frank in tow.

During their fist period, chemistry, the duo began discussing what to do.
“I have to have a project in by 3:00 today.” Bentley stated.
“OK, so you have to fix Charlotte, right ?” Larry asked.
“What is it with you and Charlotte ?” Bentley questioned. Just then, Frank barged through the room and swatted several beakers filled will chemicals all over the floor. Due to several of them being acidic, they burned through the floor. Bentley hid under the lab station and hoped Frank would leave. Larry on the other hand, tried to pull his friend out.
“Move Bentley,” Larry grunted.
“Frank’s too powerful, I was even dumb enough to give him high-powered skates,” Bentley admitted.
“You are such a librarian,” the baseball fan groaned.

Larry followed the robot which was a difficult task as the skates really worked. The path the robot took lead Larry to the Principal’s office, where Principal Jordan was on the phone with someone. For some strange reason, very few people got to see his face.
“Listen to me, if that robot isn’t stopped by the final bell, Johnson will be expelled!” He shouted into the phone.
“How did,” Larry thought when the principal shouted.
“HIS NAME WAS ON THE BACK !!!” The Principal screamed into the phone.
“Oh.” Larry quietly whispered.

Larry rushed through the halls of the school and noticed the damage done to the place. “Joe’s had that robot for ten minutes, and he’s already wrecked more lockers than missing assignments he’s got in three years.” Larry commented. He rushed to the Chem Lab and told Bentley what he had heard.
Bentley sprang up and said, “Well, nice knowing you, I got to go clean out my locker.” The genius rushed to his locker with a nearby cardboard box in hand.
“So that’s it, you’re giving up ?” Larry asked in disbelief.
“Nothing I can do,” Bentley admitted while opening his locker which was a hallway away and one of the only ones not smashed by Frank. Just then, a broken silver spider like robot fell from the top shelf, which was Charlotte. “Why don’t they straighten that accursed shelf ?” Bentley asked. Just then a box containing robot supplies landed on Bentley’s head as he picked up Charlotte, then he had an idea.
“C’mon Larry, it’s time to test your pitching arm,” Bentley said dragging his friend to the computer lab.

Joe laughed as he watched through the visors as he made several people’s lives unpleasant by using Frank’s arms to give people wedgies. It was the only thing he loved to do more than smash things. Unfortunately, Frank was aiding his second love as well. “Bentley is so stupid for a nerd. He left the instructions on his wagon,” Joe chuckled. Unaware that behind Frank, Larry had Charrolltte in his hands. Bentley spent the past two periods fixing the robot. It now had magnetic legs, headlights, and wire cutters on its left leg and a drill on the other. “
The wind up, the pitch!” Larry threw Charlotte at Frank’s back.
Joe, who was currently using Frank’s remote in the lunchroom boys room, heard a noise and turned Frank around. “Oh, no,” Larry groaned. He ran for dear life, trying not to lead the robot to Bentley. The genius was hiding inside his locker, the location he deemed, was safe, being he was shoved in to their locker by Joe more than any other person.

Bentley wiped his brow and put the visors on. Charlotte then sprung to life. It opened a circuit panel on Frank’s back and headed in. Bentley then used Charlotte’s new tools to get to the main power cord. However, Larry lead the robot to the cafeteria and began maneuvering around the tables and chairs. Charlotte kept getting pulled off the walls. Bentley simply growled and pushed on as he slowly made his way to the cafeteria, after falling down a flight of stairs and tripping over six trash cans.

Charlotte had finally reached the power cord, unfortunately, Frank had reached Larry’s neck. Just as Joe was going to have Frank squeeze Larry, the whole robot lost power courtsey of a smaller one. Bentley had made his way to the cafeteria and had rubbed his wound on his head. “Got to remember you can’t see out of these things,” Bentley giggled.
Joe grabbed Bentley by the throat. “Alright runt fix the robot I stole from you so I can continue to mess up your life.” Joe demanded.
“Small problem.” Bentley said with a smile.
“What ?” Joe growled. Bentley smiled and pointed to the left. Joe’s grip around Bentley and jaw dropped as the principal and school security guards came in and arrested Joe.
Over the next few months, a lot had happened. Bentley won the science fair with Charlotte, and won a scholarship to Mech-Tech, a highly advanced tech school for robot design. Larry was discovered by talent scouts and was offered over twenty different colleges. Joe was arrested and sentenced to twenty years in jail. He at the moment was sent to community service and was picking up trash on the highway. He glared at a nearby billboard that advertized Bentley as the Teenage Genius of the Year.
“Mark my words Johnson, I will have my revenge,” Joe growled.

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