Rocky The Raccon

January 10, 2010
By xxbathiefxx BRONZE, Indiana, Pennsylvania
xxbathiefxx BRONZE, Indiana, Pennsylvania
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Rocky came home from his patrol one morning to a horrible sight; his parents were dead on the pile of leaves that were their bed. Rocky looked at the dark fur against their eyes and the slashes on the back of their necks. He knew immediately who did it. It was the bears.
Rocky’s family had been defending small woodland animals from bears for as long as the grass was green, and the trees were tall, but the bears had finally got their revenge with this organized assassination on the current generation of raccoon guardians. They were the superheroes of the forests the “Masked Avengers” was what they called themselves, and it was Rocky’s first day. He was so excited to help the animals of the forest, but when he saw his parents just laying there he was no longer interested in protecting the forest; he wanted revenge.
After investigating the scene he found the evidence he needed to find and extract revenge upon the bears that committed this atrocity. It was the Bearolshevik family seal. The Bearolsheviks were an organized crime syndicate of the animal world. They wanted to overthrow the established order that the raccoons worked so hard to defend. They were the “big boys” of the field, who where generally not to be messed with, but Rocky was hell-bent on revenge.
The Bearolshevik’s base was not a cave like most of the bear gangs. They lived in an abandoned nuclear power-plant which was a large fenced-off facility. The only realistic way in was through the irradiated river that passed though the power plant. Rocky knew he would never be the same if he tried to swim in the glowing water, but he had no other choice. He would attack at dawn.
The next morning Rocky walked stealthily through the forest until he reached the irradiated river. He walked along the bank until he reached the clearing where the power plant was built. While Rocky swam through the river with the glowing green water, he planned his assault on the bear fortress.
His plan was simple, he would run swim in to the main reactor room which was the Bearolshevik’s leader Teddy’s throne room. He would try to blind Teddy, and then he would go for the throat, which would kill him and hopefully end the Bearolshevik clan’s reign of terror.
When Rocky reached the where the stream enters the power plant he ducked under and swam through the tiny opening that was about six feet under the water where the plant’s employees used to dump the radioactive waste from the main reactor before it was shut down for environmental reasons. He took the long way around the tall glass tube filled with water that was once the reactor core that powered the nearby city. He saw Teddy Bearolshevik sleeping on a huge pile of leaves. Rocky crept up and readied himself for the pounce on Teddy’s face during which he would put his sharp claws through his eyelids, and then bite out his throat, but when he jumped he felt a huge blow to the head. Teddy had awoken.
Rocky’s plan was out of the window. There was no chance of him beating a bear in hand to hand, one on one combat; the size difference was just too great, but Rocky did not give up. He jumped up towards Teddy’s face to try and inflict some damage, but once again he was knocked down by the bear’s huge harry palm. Teddy then began his counterattack on the poor raccoon. He picked up Rocky and threw him against the wall. Then a whole bunch of barrels fell on top of him from a storage shelf high above where rocky was slammed against the wall. A thick green slime oozed out of these barrels and Rocky was quickly submerged in it.
Then, something amazing happened. Rocky began to grow in both mind and body. He achieved a greater understanding of the universe. He stood up ready to use this newfound knowledge to gain the upper hand in his fight with the biggest and baddest of the bears. After he stood up, he saw the bear no longer had the size advantage. Rocky charged at the evil bear and smashed him into the old reactor core. When he flew through the glass, Teddy was so cut up from the glass shards that Rocky decided to let him go. He was looking over his victory as he realized that the other bears must have heard the noise and would come and investigate. Rocky stared outside, but then he began to shrink back to a normal size for a raccoon. He realized that this burst of strength and power must have only been temporary, so he had to leave all the faster.
Rocky swam through the irradiated river that he came in through with such speed he reached the fence in no time at all; however, when Rocky climbed out of the stream and started his mad sprint to the forest he stepped on a bear trap. Rocky realized this was probably the end, so he didn’t even try and struggle he just lied there and hoped for the best. He sat and looked around. In his mad dash for escape he neglected to realize it was dark out now. He then felt a sharp pain in his foot from attempting to roll over into a more comfortable position. He looked at his foot and realized that he would soon bleed out. Then, he passed out, and was awakened by a bright light.

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