Till the end of time

January 9, 2010
By Dravonis BRONZE, Waupaca, Wisconsin
Dravonis BRONZE, Waupaca, Wisconsin
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The sun a fiery ball in the atmosphere. Our greatest enemy. My name is Sullivan Hitosaki, some people call me their angel....of life. I am a vampire. My Brothers Dractos and Dravon join me in this immortality.
Our cousin Kristian Mcdermid came to us as a baby from America with a note from his mother: "Dear Sullivan, Please take care of him. Something is after me. I dont want my little boy hurt or worse. Thank you very much. Love aunt Taylor P.S. When he is old enough plz show him this."
That was almost 18 years ago. He was strong kid growing up. He never fussed much and hardly cried. Dravon grew attached to the kid quickly even though he could've killed Kristian he never did. It amazed me and Dractos and it still does. Now I sit here waiting for him to come home. "Please Sully don't lose you temper". I ignore him and stare at the door. Kristian is late, his key clicks in the lock to find that its already open. "Shoot" he mutters and opens the door.
"Hi Uncle"
"What time is your curfew?"
"ummmm Midnight"
"What time is it now?"
"Lemme check" he said mockingly looking at the clock "hmmm about 2:30...in the morning"
"Where were you?!" I screamed
"Out" he said stepping forward towards his room.
"With who" I said
"Dom Letty Brian Lance Vince Mia and Jesse" he replied
"Street racers!?"
"Are you trying to kill yourself"
"No Im not"
"Then why?"
"because they are like family" i said
"kris they are criminals" sully said
"whatever sully" i said. My uncle growled stood and slapped me hard acrossed the face then stopped and looked at me.
"kris im sorry" he pleaded but I wasn't listening i stormed out of the house and drove off.
i saw a car following me.
"yo frosty" came the soft voice of my life long friend kc on the cb radio we had in our cars.
"hey shorty whats going on" i replied
"not much where you headed" she asked
"ummmm dont know yet maybe to doms house theres a party going on there" i said "care to join me" i added
"sure but just as friends right" she asked shyly
"of course" i said
"im glad your ok frosty" she said
"thanks shorty" i said arriving at doms house
We got out of our cars and walked up the porch and I knocked and waited.
"frost......shorty come on in" dom said hugging us both then moving aside "we were just enjoying a movie frost can i talk to you for a second"
"sure go ahead kc" i said
"ok" she said poking jesse in the side "move over dude"
I followed dom into the kitchen and then he turned and asked "whats with the red mark"
"i got into a fight with my uncle" i said straight out.
There was no lieing to dom, he had this sense about him that made me feel like he was my dad. "you came home after curfew again didnt you"
"yea and i mouthed off when i shouldn't have but im done with it can i move in with you guys" i asked as letty and mia strode into the kitchen "i'll work on the cars at the shop and do anything to pay you guys back"
"sure!" shouted all three of them shouted beaming.
"alright!!" i said hugging them all in succesion "Dom can i ask you something as well" kc piped up and hopped over jesse walking over to us.
"Sure thing sweetie" he replied
"Can i move in with him i'll..." she started but dom interrupted her "dont you have a house sweetie"
"Yea but i dont get along with the people i live with" she said looking away
"whys that""
"They get drunk and try to hurt me" she said as i stiffened and walked out
"Wheres he goin" she asked
"To correct the problem" dom said as i got into my car and drove off squealing the tires "guys we have a problem" he said to everyone else as they got up and ran to their cars. You see this isnt the first time the first time i killed someone else because they hurt one of my friends, I've done it multiple times why should now be any different. I drove to shorties house and coasted to through the driveway, getting out of the car i walked the the trunk and opened it taking out a a lead pipe and a torque wrench, shutting the trunk i began my walk up the way and to the door.

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