January 7, 2010
My Dorpersnoodle is different from other Dorpersnoodles. It is neither male nor female; however, it is a living creature. This creature is about the size of a large-sized dog and possesses various special abilities. My Dorpersnoodle physically resembles a combination of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Great Dane. It boasts a large ridge down its back and sides and is colored golden brown. Its physical structure leads to some of its special abilities.

My Dorpersnoodle possesses special abilities, many of which humans and animals do not. This extraordinary creature features the ability to transform into an invisible state. While in this state, one can hear and smell the creature, however not see it. This ability is advantageous since my Dorpersnoodle goes anywhere without anyone knowing. Additionally, my Dorpersnoodle communicates with any living thing. This ability benefits me since it allows me to know what anything is thinking and in the long run, communicate with anything as well. Also, my Dorpersnoodle has sonic hearing, which I use to listen in on anything in the universe that is currently occurring. These unique abilities create the best pet possible.

As for being a pet, my Dorpersnoodle fulfills all the fundamental requirements and much more. Maintenance tends to be a hassle for most pet owners; however, my Dorpersnoodle makes life simple. It can clean, eat, and care for itself regardless if I’m absent or present. Furthermore, my Dorpernoodle is remarkably dependable; it alerts me if I’m forgetting something or if a visitor is coming. One trait that My Dorpersnoodle has that cannot be paralleled is its loyalty. It obeys my command and never leaves my side regardless of the circumstance. Fortunately, My Dorpersnoodle satisfies my needs and doesn’t require the average amount of time a normal pet would.

To recapitulate, my Dorpersnoodle stands with a large structure, and boasts a golden brown fur coat. Its special abilities make it extremely unique and enjoyable to own. As its qualities and requirements outstands the typical pet. My Dorpersnoodle will remain unique and fortunately it will remain my version of a pet.

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