Mountain Spies

January 6, 2010
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We were walking. Only 300 of us. On our way to the battle against the Persians, to the land of Thermopolayae.

“King Xerxes thinks he’ll take our land, when will he learn!” snickered General Cliextes as they maneuvered the rocky slope. General Cliextes was second in command under the rule of King Leonidas. He was wearing close combat body armor, a long red cape, sandals, carried light weaponry and a thick shield. He was like any other Spartan soldier.

“Do not be cocky general. You have to be prepared for anything.” Replied King Leonidas.

“Yes sir, sorry sir.”

Suddenly a lieutenant pointed out a small flash of light in the mountain to the north-west. Everyone paused for a split second. Everywhere small distant silhouettes popped up in the evening shadow. They were going farther up the mountain.

“Captain Ciethes, take your men up the right flank of the mountain. Captain Reithex, take your men at center and Antox and I will take the left flank. Corporal Camax, you are in charge until I return.”

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir!”

“Yes sir!”

As the men made their way slowly and cautiously up the mountain, arrows came down like a rain shower. The men reacted quickly and pulled up their thick metal shields. The arrows bounced right off the shields.

“We’re getting close, be careful.” Whispered King Leonidas.

Unexpectedly countless Persian Immortal spies came out of hiding and attacked the very few Spartans. The Spartans brutally chopped down one Immortal after the other but they were countless. The Spartans slowly backed down the mountain as best they could,
their apple red capes shadowing their bodies in the evening sun. But then after a few minutes the Immortals stopped attacking. They were there, but they just stood there. They immediately turned and made their way up the mountain running.

“Men, regroup with the others!” hollered King Leonidas.

After just minutes all the men regrouped, went back into formation and marched on. The great city of Thermopolayae was in sight. As they got closer they saw mass crowds of people- the Persians. The Spartans took precautions as they now know the Persians used the “cowards” weapon, arrows. Spartans preferred hand-to-hand combat.
The Spartans marched on proudly to the battle of Thermopolayae.

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