Swords and Brothers

January 2, 2010
By AuberneAncalimon SILVER, Keyport, Washington
AuberneAncalimon SILVER, Keyport, Washington
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“The grey never seems to go away, does it Maror?”
Two Elves walked across a beach on a cold and misty shore. Sand crunched under their leather boots, the wind whipped their hair into a frenzy. Maror and Bara where traveling together to the costal city of Porsba.
“Well then, this is a treat.” Maror replied. For the sun had managed to break thru the bank of clouds and lovely golden rays where falling from the sky.
“Yes, a treat indeed. But do you think it will last? Washara is not known for it’s tropical weather.”
Bara was fair, with long blond hair and blue eyes that he could use to spot a falcon a hundred miles off. Tall and lean, Bara was quite a match when it came to a fight, even though he did not look it. His greatest skills where archery and diplomacy, he had the ability to talk or fight his way out of almost any situation.
Maror was almost the complete opposite, he had dark brown hair and green eyes like emeralds. He was big and muscular, a real life Samson. He was a master of the sword and ax, able to wield both with great precision.
“I doubt it. But we have seen worse weather, haven’t we? Like the first time we met.” Bara laughed. “Like I could forget it! True we were but younglings then, but what do years matter to us? As I distinctively recall, a great wind storm was passing through, and I had been playing out amongst the trees. You know how much I love the trees. Anyways, I was so frightened, I just started to run.”
“And that’s when you ran into me.” Maror said with a grin. “And look at us now, best friends, almost brothers really. Traveling together to visit our old master in a town we have not seen in years.”
Bara gazed out upon the dark waves, his eyes becoming distant, full of memory.
“ Fay-Kora. How I miss him.”
“Me too brother, that is why we are taking this long trip to see him. You know he doesn’t like to travel now that he’s lost his sight. ”
They both remembered that day. They where fighting the men of the east when a Durg hit Fay-Kora across his face. He survived, but his eyesight did not. So he went to live in the small town of Porsba. Maror and Bara went and stayed with him until there training was finished.
That was 1,007 years ago. Now Maror and Bara where famed warriors of Der-Hara, the capital city of Seero. They traveled the world looking for adventure and excitement but always helping people when ever they could. For they had such tender hearts, full of love and compassion fueled by The Great Maker King.

“Well, we might as well hurry up if we’re going to get there before night falls.” Bara said.
“Indeed.” Maror replied.
The dry grass on the dune to there left swayed in the wind, caring a strange odor with it. Maror froze in his tracks and looked about.
“What is it?” Bara said in a quiet voice.
“We are not alone.” came the reply in the softest of whispers.
Suddenly from over the dunes came a long gurgling howl and then another and soon the air was filed with them.
“Durg’s!” they both cried out at the same time. “It looks like we’ll be late after all.” Bara said with a gleam in his eye.
He pulled out his bow and nock an arrow. The sound of metal scraping against metal was heard as Maror unsheathed his sword. They stood back to back but angled to face the dunes. More shouts where heard as the Durg’s got closer. Soon they could see there heads coming into view over the rise. And then they could see them in full.
The Durg’s where huge and tall with great muscular arms and legs. Their thin, oily hair laid limp upon their green-grey skin. Carrying crude but deadly swords, clubs and maces they were a terror to behold.
But the Elf’s where not fazed a bit. They had fought many of this kind before.
As soon as the Durg’s saw them, a huge one in the front gave an ear perching scream and charged forward. Bara and Maror readied themselves, taking their stance.
Bara set his sights on a particularly ugly one to the right. He pulled back the bow string and then, TWANG!
The arrow flew faster then a human eye could follow, boring itself into the neck of it’s target. The beast roared in pain and then collapsed onto the sand. A moment later more arrows were set loose and Durg’s fell fast.
Maror let out a war cry and plunged into the teeming horde. Silver flashed everywhere as Lela, his sword given to him by Fay-Kora when he completed his training, swung with blinding speed putting an end to any Durg who was unfortunate enough to be to close to it’s bright fury.
Both Elves fought with great speed and skill, but still the Durg’s kept coming.
“Where are they coming from?” Bara yelled over the noise, fighting now with his twin small swords which where better suited for close combat.
“I don’t know!” Maror managed to call out. He was fighting a very large Durg which was giving his some trouble. Bara spun over and caught the beast behind the knees. It let out a loud roar and fell to the ground. Maror finished it off with a swipe across the neck.

So many Durg’s where on the beach now that the Elves where forced closer and closer to the cold icy waves.
“Where to now?” Maror said dryly, his feet now splashing in the water. Bara looked about him and then his face lit up. “There!” he cried. Out in the water there rose two great islands of stone. They where tall and had trees and grass upon them.
Maror gave Bara a nod of the head.
“Well my friends,” he called out to the Durg’s. “It has been a pleasure visiting with you but I am afraid we must be on our way.” With that the Elves turned on there heels and ran into the water. Soon they where up to there necks and then they started to swim. They swam fast and graceful. The Durg’s just stood on the beach looking rather confused.
As soon as Bara and Maror reached the bottom of the largest of the stone islands, they started to climb the side. From one hand hold to another they flew. In a matter of moments they reached the top and stood there looking back at the beach they had been on just a few moments ago.
It took the Durg’s a few minutes to realize what happened and when they did they became enraged. They ran into the water and started to swim to the island. They where more clumsy in the water then on land but soon they made it to the base and started to climb.
“They are rather slow, don’t you think?” Bara said. “Yes they are.” And slowly they where getting closer “They will reach the top soon, slow or not.” Maror pointed out. “We have no where to go.”
They quickly surveyed the small forest growing on top of this unusual island. At least five trees gave shade to the grass that seemed to grow out of nowhere. There was also shrubs and brambles here and there. A few birds flew from their roost in a tree, giving a call as they flew into the great blue-grey sky.
The sound of climbing Durg’s interrupted the otherwise peaceful scenery.

“Well this is another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into again.” Bara remarked. Maror harrumphed.
“What do you purpose we do?”
“Fight until they’re dead or we are.”
“Do you have a better plan?”
“Ok then.”
Bara pulled his bow out again and looked at it lovingly. He had named it Zeor after his great grandfather, who was a master of archery. Fay-Kora had presented it to him the day he had finished his training.

Fay-Kora had brought out two bundles rapped in fabric. He handed one to each of them.
“These are your weapons. They are your tools, not toys. You both have proved yourself worthy to carry on the mantel of your families.
Maror, your blade was your uncle’s which he used in the Battle of a Thousand City’s. Bara, this bow was made from a branch of the Great Tree of Legends, crafted by Zeor himself. Use these wisely, for a weapon is only as good as it’s user. May you bring glory to The Maker King with these gifts. Now go, go and bring honor to the Kingdom and…

The memory faded from Bara’s mind as the Durg’s got closer to the top.
He looked at Maror, who’s mind seemed to be in the same place. He smiled at his brother in all but blood, the best friend he ever had besides Fay-Kora.
They both knew they might die here upon a lone rock surrounded by water. But The Great Maker King had called them to this task and they where not going to back down now.

With a smile on both there faces, they readied there weapons to face the battle together.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a writing contest at my local library. You had to write a story inspired by a specific photo and have a word count. I do not remember what the word count was. I did not win but it was lot’s of fun to write anyway. I was glad I did it!

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