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November 3, 2009
By zach almquist BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
zach almquist BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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Jables was setting up audio controls in the breaker for an amp for the bass player for the very unknown band the Un-used. “Absolutely nobody knows this band,” he mumbled to himself. I should be jamming with important band like Mega-death, Metallica, and Iron Maiden!

Jables was a very scary looking man with long black hair that went down to his knees. He was very muscular and intimidated a lot of people but in the inside he was just another softie like a lot of people that look like him. He only wore black and chains; all he ever talks about is metal, root beer, and even more metal. He was bullied when he was a kid only for his full name, Jables Bohefis Jeddiddia Theotheyrack, but his family called him JB for short. All he would ever do is play his drums all the time, in the past month he has gotten 5 new sets of drum heads because he has beaten them so much.
So he is setting up a amp for this unknown band all of the sudden his manager comes up and was like, “you roadie go set up the lights now”, so he had to do it. He was setting up the latter when some really drunk morbidly obese lady comes up and was like, “Blabidy whoop shishle”. So it was JB’s job to get her out of there because the policy there is no drunken fat people until 8 o clock and it was only 6.

JB got a hold of the lady the first thing she did was punch him straight in the face.
“OWWWWW.” What was that for, are you crazy? And then she just fell over because she is so intoxicated. Right as that happened the manager came over and just looked at JB, “really now you have to drag her out” he said in a very calm voice. So that is exactly what he had to do.

As he was dragging the distressed wale out of the bar he thought to himself, what and I doing here I deserve better than this I have worked my whole life working on my music and I am not even in a band, I SOULD be in a band, not get 8.50 an hour to set up amps and drag fat people out of the bar. Finally he decided to play at open mic tomorrow and hope for the best, and then maybe I will get discovered. Crap but I am still not in a band, oh well Ill just go solo for a night

That night JB had a dream, and it was about the open mic night the next day.
In the dream all it was the manager walked on the beat up stage, grabbed the mic and screamed, “ I freaking love this band, this is the best band PERIOD! Now I present to you the Black Light.

JB walked on the stage alone with his acoustic guitar. When he gets up to the mic he flips his long black main out of his yes and says “ Hey I am JB and I just wrote this song 5 minuets ago, I have no clue what the chords are to this song but I am awesome enough to play any thing in the world just by thinking of it on the spot.

In the next minuet he was just playing a into with just him and his guitar but there was a pause for a second and a full band just blasted the bar with its power of rock. There were even some people with the minds literally blown to bits by his mighty rock. Out of no were JB started to play this beautiful black Gibson les Paul out of no were. He started to solo and all he could hear was, BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP.

Part two
JB lay awake in he air mattress on his floor that was riddled with cheetos and pop cans. He looked at his TV and all he was on. “God I fell asleep with out practicing,” said JB to himself. “ ITS 9:30,” screamed JB in a concerned way. I have to get to work I was suppose to be there at 9:00.
JB got to work and then his boss yelled at him for being late. “ Why were you not here on time I told you the whole staff needed to be here at 9:00 to set up for open mic night. JB we have talked about you being late before and not I have any choice but to fire you. “I understand I guess it was my fault for this. I am really sorry about this.
JB was walking out of the bar with his head held down, he is going to miss all the ripped up bar chairs, the fancy bottles that he was never allowed to touch. Then he had an Idea. I have worked here for 13 years and I have gotten no created for anything I do and now it is my time to shine. Right after he thought of that he went over to the shiny bottles and stole one when nobody was looking. He ran out of the bar with a big grin on his face and a sense of accomplishment.
JB had nothing to do at all, he had no job, he didn’t want to go home because that weird Asian lady is just going to ask him about his rent over and over again, and he had didn’t have any money to go eat somewhere. Then he had another idea, what if I start to play in the middle of this street? Maybe I could get enough money to go eat at my favorite Mexican place. So that is exactly what he did, he was playing phenomenally, some people told me that he was playing so fast they couldn’t even see his hands and fire was coming out of his eyes. Luckily there was a record dealer that was heard. The dealer made the best offer ever to him, in the next couple of days he was all around the news, shopping on the 5th street in New York. After all the commotion of him becoming famous he set off to make 24 consecutive records. But nobody knows were he is today. Some say that he is in the Australia learning how the aborigines rock out, and he might be under water perfecting his invention of the under water bass. All I know he is rocking out somewhere.

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