Ajla and Sammie Go To Antarctica

September 25, 2009
By Anonymous

It was the day Ajla and Sammie take off to Antarctica. They were excited to go, Sammie spent the night at Ajla's house before the trip because they had to cath their palne at one in the morning. When they got up they got ready really fast and made sure that they didn't forget anything. The cab came and dropped them off at the Pheonix Sky Harbor airport. When it was time for them to get on tere plane they ran inside and sat in there 1st class seats! It was going to be a long flight but they always know how to have a good time so they were taking pictures of everything that they would do. They took pictures of themselevs eating, sleeping, standing up, and just really funny random stuff that they would do.
They have been flying for a long tie but when they got really cold they knew that they were there so they changed into their big puffy white snow suits. Before they got off the plane they took one last pircture of them standing with the pilot. When they got off all that they saw was snow everywhere! They were really excited to be there for the first time so they decided to make there igloo that they would be staying in, but they didnt really know how to make one so it took them about two hours. When they were finally done Ajla and Sammie started to get hungry but all they brought concerning food was a couple of snaks and there easy bake oven. They just decided they would go and fish for food then cook it in the easy bake.
After they ate they wanted to go see the penguins and polar bears so they went and took pictures witht them all. Then all of a sudden they heard another voice, and when they got closer to it they saw that it was Lil Wayne! he was just sitting there on the snow singing so they walked up to him and asked him what he was doing there and he said he just nedded a place to get away from everyone and that Antarctica was the perfect place. Ajla and Sammie were so suprised to see him so they asking him if they can take pictures with him and he said sure, so they took out their camera and took pictures with Lil Wayne and the penguins and polar bears and they took pictures of them having snow fights and making snow angles and just having a good time!
When all the fun was over Ajla and Sammie returned back to Arizona no one beleived them about there adventure in Antarctica and meeting Lil Wayne but when they put the pictures on myspace of themselves everyone was so suprised! Everyone loved Ajla and Sammie and everyone kept saying the next time they go somewhere together,everyone is going with them!

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