(Unlikely) Heroes

December 17, 2009
Excerpt from X-Files at the Federal Human Science laboratory, saved from the fire:
Descriptions of Glass, Jonathan:
Age: 15 years and 6 months exactly
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 92.34 lbs
Eyesight: perfect 20 20
Other: flexible bones, changing eye color, cat-like pupils,
faint marks on arms, cat ears attached to skull like a cat,
double-jointed, extended tailbone

Descriptions of Boston, Abigail June
Age: 15 exactly
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 103 lbs
Eyesight: 20 left, 18 right
Other: Large skull, broad forehead, large brain, overall prominence
I woke up, and immediately, I tried to process my situation and the room. To my distress, I found myself tied… no strapped, to a hospital bed. Everything was a blinding alabaster, and next to me was a boy about my age, only he had cat ears and was that a cat tail I see? I shook the thought from my mind, saying I was delusional. Then I remembered being knocked out with a sedation when in a hospital. Angrily, I put 2 and 4 together and came out that this in fact was not a hospital, but a laboratory. Seeing no officials, I tested the straps and copied a mental image of the boy’s restraints. I decided I was not safe here and needed to escape immediately. No, not escape… evacuate! Then I stopped my struggles as the doorknob turned. A doctor, excuse me… SCIENTIST, came in as I lowered myself back down and gave the pretense that I was still sleeping. Of course, the scientist refused to be eluded and shocked me back to a fitful sleep. I would… I would what? I could remember nothing afterwards but blackness.
Pain seared across my chest as I gruffly came to wake up. Shaking my head, I tried to sit up, but found that I couldn’t. Twisting my head, I saw another girl strapped, sleeping with a troubled/angry expression on her face. Seeing we were both strapped and computers were all around us with our own x-rays. I guessed we were not in a hospital anymore.
They had cleverly taken my strength so I couldn’t do much, but I had found a way to use only little bits of my energy to shift shape. Becoming a cockroach, I wiggled out from the heavy black straps that seemed to blanket me.
No, just I become a bug doesn’t mean I get the brain of one. Luckily.
I scrambled down and skittered across the room and was about to crawl under the door when I remembered the girl. Maybe I should take her out with me, then leave her to fend for herself.
My father popped into my little insect brain and he said, “Now, son. That’s not a gentlemanly action to take, is it?” I rolled my many bug eyes and transformed into a human.
Unbuckling the buckles and belt loops and such, I shook the girl free and hoisted her up over my shoulders. Grinning evilly, I opened the door, set the girl on my back, and shifted my form once more.
I woke again to find myself on a warm, furry something that…. moved! Startling, I nearly fell off. Then held back a scream as I found myself on a lion’s back; this couldn’t be happening. Obviously a dream or maybe a test situation the scientists have me in? BUT THIS WAS NOT REAL LIFE.
Pinching myself, I saw that it was indeed real, promptly fell off, and when the lion turned, I stopped. The eyes… were almost human. Maybe cat-like pupils replaced the round human ones, but… I gasped. The eyes shifted color to a hawk-like gold. Then a brown. Next a hazel. Fascinated, I krept closer, and the lion whispered to me, “Hey. I’m Jonathan. Get back on my back. We need to leave now before anyone plucks the courage to challenge me. Then we’re toast.”
Grinning as though through a nauseating fever, I climbed back on his back, and he broke into a smooth run. The wind from the run pulled my short, red hair, and I saw the exit. Our freedom.
Then, we skidded to a halt, I heard the screech of claws on the linoleum flooring. Cringing, I looked up to see who it was. The Science Lab officials! 2 of them with their feet planted and arms outstretched, blocking our path to freedom.
Angrily, I turned the other way, away from the 2 men. Behind us, 3 other men stood, the same position. Growling deep in my throat, I lunged at the 2 men, guessing it might be a better shot.
I was correct, fearfully, the two jumped to the side, and jumping up, I pushed the door with my front paws and ran outside, smelling the wet moistness of a recent rain fresh to my cat senses.
I hopped off Jonathan, and I thanked him, “Thank you, Jonathan, but I’m afraid I must return home.” Turning left and right, I saw I didn’t know where I was. As if sensing this, Jonathan shifted to human form and leaned against a telephone pole. “You even know where we are.” “Um,” I hated to admit this, “no.”
“That’s what I figured. Besides, do you REALLY want to go home. After knowing what you are?”
“I d-don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Of course you do,” said Jonathan, tilting his chin up.
I sighed and retorted, “Then what are we BOTH going to do?”
“Run away. Find someplace that’s safe for us. For our… conditions.”
He made it sound so easy, I almost believed him.
“It’s the only way,” he added.
I bowed my head so my short hair (that already covered half my face) made a complete veil over my face. This is what I always did when thinking through actions.
Lifting my head back up, I said, “All right.”
Jonathan grinned and said, “That’s what I thought.”
Hating the thought of being predictable, I announced, “BUT!” just to watch him tense in anticipation, “We have to do this my way,” I grinned evilly.

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