Survival for One: Part 1

December 22, 2009
By , Allen, TX
The moon hovered over the black sky like a white tigress hunting for its next victim. The ice cold wind slapped my face hard; I couldn't feel anything afterwards. I was famished and quenched, and I had no luck that day finding food nor water. I had been stranded out in this forest for over a month. I had been on a plane before that to visit my grandmother, Debbie, in Oklahoma, but the pilot had a heart attack and crashed in with everyone on it. I was lucky - I was the only one who surrived...until now. I clutch my pocket knife, furious and depressed. I squeeze the knife until my palm bleeds, then let go. I felt weak; my muscles aching and my bones hurting, but that didn't stop me. I ignored all the pain that shot through my body everytime I moved; like a snake striking at a poor innocient little feild mouse. As I walk through the damp, cold forest, I hear something very unusal, like someone is following me. My heart starts to beat against my rib cage like some kind of wild animal. I turn around slowly, not breathing. My heart beats are moving faster and faster now. As my chocolate brown eyes focus on the creature or "thing" that was following me, my voice caught in my throat. A enormous wolf that was as tall or as big as the oak trees; a unfriendly monster with black beady eyes. But the wolf wasn't focussing on me. It was fucusing on something behind me. Slowly I turn around again, my heart about to explode out of my chest. As my eyes meet another wolf, I'm frozen in terror. 'Are they going to hurt me?' I kept thinking in my mind. Then unexpectingly, I feel fur on top of my head. 'Is this wolf protecting me from the other wolf?' I thought aloud. I looked up just to be sure. Yes, the wolf had one tree-legnth paw in front of me. The other wolf growled in anger and lept towards me. I closed my eyes, waiting my asudden death, but nothing happened. I opened them and looked around. Then I spotted the two wolves wresting, snapping, and clawing at one another. Then, one of the wolves that was behind me (I couldn't tell) reached out for me and attacked me.

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