cloe's day at the beach

December 22, 2009
By tonyd BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
tonyd BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
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It was a bright and sunny day. Cloe and her owners Makenzie and Danielle were at the beach. The sand was warm beneath cloe’s paws. The surf was high compared to the ones the girls made in the swimming pool back at home. The air smelled salty like a salt shaker that was opened and tiped over. While the girls played in the waves squealing when they were hit by them. Cloe searched in the sand for lost money and treasures.she searched the intire beach high in low. With in an hour she found five bottle caps, two toys, one nickle,and cell phone that was ringing.
“Cloe one more hour then we’re leaving!” said Danielle. Cloe looked in the sand a little longer. Digging up everything she could find. She dug up a couple more bottle caps, a dollor bill, and a box. It was small like something you would keep photos in. The box was brown and made of wood it looked as if it was rotting away like it was in water. There was a small lock on it conceling was was in side.
“ Time to go Cloe!” called Makenzie. Raceing off to tell the girls of her treasure the locks clasp broke of do to the rotting. “Look what I found!” yelled Cloe. The girls took the box and looked in side.the box contained a rainbow rubber eraser shaped like a butter fly,a Black walet with a little picture of a baby in it she wore a pink out fit and headband, a Little white shell in a bottle,and a small round green clear rock. There was also a note inside. Danielle read it aloud:
Dear reader,
If you are reading this that means my husband was angery and was throwing things over again. Please leave the box with a note with your name and address on the beach and we will be sure to thank you.


Holly Huff

“Do you think we should?” asked Makenzie. Looking at the note then at her sister. “ I don’t know I mean look at the date.” Said Danielle. It was true the date was 1989 and this was 2009 it was 20 years ago. So they decided to take the box home. That night while the girls and Cloe slept, some where in the ocean a little red 22’ boat bobed up and down the name Jerry Rig was righten on the side. “ You idiot! How could you throw my preacuse box over board?” Holly said to her husband Captian Jerry Huff the great fisherman of the north Atlantic.
Holly was about 5’2’’ had long dish water blonde hair and was in her 40’s. Her husband Jerry was about 5’5’’had gray hair but not enough to cover his head and was in his 50’s. “ I’m sorry honey I’ll get it back really”said the fisherman. He turned the boat about and headed for shore.
The next morning the boat made it to shore Jerry looked for the box with a metal detecter for over three hours. “ah honey the box was made of wood and there was nothing metal in it” Holly said. Jerry didn’t listen he kept on looking till it downed on him maybe some one already found the box but didn’t see her note. So while they asked every one at the beach if they saw it cloe and the girls cleaned the house trying to find a place to put there new found treasures.
Makenzie cleaned the basement, Danielle cleaned the up stares and Cloe went toher best friends dog house.when they where done they hid the box where any of the could reach. The they went to what ever they did best Danielle fixed her car and Makenzie help and that when Jerry showed up. “hi girls did you happen to see a box on your trip to the beach yesterday?” He asked them
Both girls shock there heads and looked at him funny thinking who is this guy, how did he know they where at the beach and why did he smell like fish. “ ok girls I didn’t to do this but you asked for it.” He said grabing the both of them by the arm.after a long struggle he finally got them in the boat. “you’ll never get away with it Cloe wiil save us!” said Makenzie.
Back at the house cloe was looking for the girls “ girls where are you I’m not in the mood for this scooter broke up with me!” she said but no one answered. That’s odd. thought Cloeif they left they would of take the car and left a note. She walked to the gerage . then she found a note it read:
If you want to see them again return the box to the beach


Jerry Huff
Clue thought up a the beach Cloesat the box down and hid inside.whe jerry took it aboard and opened it “surprise it is I Cloe and yes I am tiny but mighty!*” Jerry didn’t look surprised ther was nothing in the box but cloe. “where is my wife’s stuff” asked Jerry” it’s in there I was sitting on it.” Said cloe. Jerry and cloe had a long argument about the girls and the box.
Nether whanted to take responsibleity for there actions till hooly and the girls broke them up. Cloe and the girls appuligised for takeing the box and keeping it. And the Huff’s apologized for takine the girls. “what are the trinkits for Mrs.Huff” asked Danielle. “Please call me holly and the trinkitsare my memories the eraser is from my vry first day of school. And the baby in the picture is my niece. I got the shell on our honeymoon we sailed around the world in this boat and the rock is actully half of a marble that I had when I was a kid I was playing with it when one of my brothers broke it with a hammer.”
From that day on the cloe the girls and the Huff’s became great friends and that ends the tale of Cloe and her day at the beach.

*disney’s beverly hills chihuahua

The author's comments:
my dog inspired me to write this she likes to look for stuff

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mamakayla said...
on Jan. 11 2010 at 8:34 am
i really liked your was very cute. i love anything that has animals. exspecially dogs!


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