The Outcast Squirrel Named Nutty!

December 3, 2009
Once upon a time there was a squirrel named Nutty. He was tinier then all the other squirrels and everyone picked on him. Nutty would get his nuts taken away from him, flush him down the toilet with peanut butter and make him all sticky. Nutty would go home and just cry on his bed because nobody liked him and nobody wanted to be his friend. He best friend was his mom. His dad left him when he was just a baby squirrel.

He would play the kick the nuts outside while it was warm and the leaves were just changing and the flowers were blooming, and play the nuttywii up in his bedroom where he felt the safest of all. And one day when Nutty was at Lil squirrel Middle School. All the other squirrels always pick on him. They would never let him play games with them like cards. Or swords with them or even tag!! They would say mean stuff like “your fur looks like nut juice got all over it” or “You know what time it is? Its wedge time” and one squirrel said finally after they put him down in the trash can “I dare you to go up to the Nuthouse. Everyone who goes up to the nut house has a very nutty grave.” Nutty said “He would go up there and call them when he was up there, on his nutty phone. So Nutty takes off in the middle of the night and leaves a note for his mom on her furry queen nut bed.

Dear Mommy,
I am going to the Nuthouse.You know the one where nobody makes it back alive. Don’t worry I’m a smart squirrel I can do it. I will use my squirrel smartness. I love you very much mommy. I’ll call you when I go nighty night.
Well love you mom!


P.S. I took 20 bucks out of your new nutty purse! =)

P.S. AGAIN! I took it out of your pink nutty purse not the yellowish colored one. You should just throw that out it’s really ugly. And if you go out in public with that I can’t stand next to you, I’ll get picked on even more. Well bye!!

So Nutty is on his way up. He has to go through a huge jungle, up a really long huge hill, through a forest that had crazy monkeys that would eat nuts not banana’s , a snake pit (mental thought, I always wanted a pet snake I just don’t like how you have to feed them a cute little mouse. It is so sad but that’s how they live. You can’t change that.), swim through a bay with alligators , then up these big hill that havestairs on them. That took me forever!! All the twist and turns it really sucked. Nutty got up to the Nuthouse. That was too easy he thought…..Oh well I guess those guys that tried to come up were just stupid. Unlike me!

Nutty puts his head up in the air and walks forward looking proud of him self. Then out of no where Nutty runs into a big door. “Ouch ….that hurt, MOMMYY!!!!!!!!!!” squeals Nutty. Nutty starts crying. “I like big butts and I can not lie” That was Nutty’s ring tone. Nutty answers the phone it’s his mom.

“Hello, hi mom. Don’t worry I’m okay. But I just hurt my self can you come up here and make it better”? Asked Nutty. “NOOOO!! You left and didn’t tell me when you were leaving now I don’t have time to throw a party. THANKS!!” she said all rude and mad. “Sorry that I didn’t tell you”. Nutty said kind of scared to hear what she would say back. Nutty’s Mom starts screaming.”Mom why are you yelling? I said I was okay.” “I’m not yelling at that, you took 20 dollars!! Nutty you can’t take 20 bucks away from me. Wait till you get home your in so much” Now Nutty didn’t feel like getting yelled at so he just hung up the phone.

Then Nutty calls the squirrel that challenged him. “Hello?”Says the other squirrel. “Hey, it’s nutty” “Are you there, or did you punk out?” says the squirrel getting very smart with Nutty. “NO I did not, I’m here” said Nutty acting all tough. “Then send us a picture of you there on your Nutty phone!” said the squirrel thinking he was just making it all up. But he wasn’t. He sent them a picture of him and the Nuthouse!

They finally accepted him and Nutty finally had friends. But wait Nut had to get the big nut down so he can get all the other nuts and all his other friends to come over so they could have a nutty party. Nutty gets a ladder and goes up and starts hitting it. He thought it was fun. He started hitting it thinking it was a piñata. Nutty got really mad because it wasn’t coming down. Then finally a nut hits him on the head. And all the other nuts started pouring out after that one nut. Finally it’s time for Nutty to have a nutty party. With all his new friends and his mother severing the food. And he had the best party in the Nuthouse ever in history (basically because nobody else has had a party in the nuthouse but oh well).
Nutty the Super squirrel!

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xxbri14xx said...
Mar. 2, 2010 at 12:14 pm
yu belong in a nutt house ;D hahahahah
xxbri14xx said...
Mar. 2, 2010 at 12:07 pm
wow leigha ^^ yer stupidd:) hAHA and a cat for the picturee..?? lol but this story is a lil nuttyyy ;D
babigurl9-1-09 replied...
Mar. 2, 2010 at 12:11 pm
ur nice. ik its nutty!! lolzz hey ur a nut u belong in a tree lolzzzz!!
babigurl9-1-09 said...
Mar. 2, 2010 at 12:04 pm
i loved this story!! hehe cuz i wrote it!!
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