SWAT: Chapter 1

December 2, 2009
By TimM. BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
TimM. BRONZE, Yarmouth, Maine
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Ding-dong-ding-ding-dong the door bell rang like a church bell calling the worshipers to its hall. “I’ll get it.” Mom said walking briskly in her yellow flowered dress. Mom opened the door. THOCK!!! “Honey!” Dad hollered. Dad raced to the door. THOCK!!! Uncle Joe ran to the door. THUD!!! Uncle Joe landed a blow to the man at the door before he could pull the trigger for a third time. THUD!!! Uncle Joe was hit on the head by the gun. The man walked in, reached into his trench coat and put the piece of paper on the fridge.

SHHHHH!!! The bus doors opened and I ran inside my house “MOM I’M HOME!” I shouted. I walked to the kitchen. First I saw my Uncle Joe on the ground. Then, I saw Mom and Dad on the ground. Their blood was oozing out of their chests. Uncle Joe stirred. I helped him get up. “What happened?” I asked Uncle Joe terrified. He told me all about how the man killed my parents and knocked Uncle Joe out. Then, I saw the note on the fridge. It read:

Dear Seth,

I know that you may be frightened but I killed your parents for a

very good reason. They were powerful people that needed to be


I hope you understand,

Yasov Menstov

I was shocked. I wanted to know the reason he would kill my parents. I didn’t think that they would do anything wrong. “I had planned to surprise you when you came home. But believe me, I did not plan anything like this.” Uncle Joe said. Uncle Joe took me to his house right away. “Your parents died which means that you are in big danger, which also means that I am going to have to get you to a school where you are to be trained to defend yourself. I know just the school.” Uncle Joe said. Now I was worried if Uncle Joe sent me to another school then I would have to leave behind all my friends. “Are you going to send me to military school?” I asked nervously. “Not just any military school, I’m going to send you to Elite Military Operations Training Corps.” I was horrified. “You have a week here then I have to ship you off to the military school.” Uncle Joe said. I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how I would escape the horrible tragedy that was about to happen.

The next day was about as normal as any day would be after your parents died; the cops pulling you out of school to question you if you had any idea why they were killed, asking you if you killed them, and if you knew of any accomplices. But when you came back to school you where questioned by everyone why the cops took you out and then after you told them they had a sympathy act that never seemed to end. I felt exhausted after every day. The only good thing that came of this was that I got no homework. Saturday came, it was time to go. Uncle Joe put me in his special state-of-the-art bullet-proof car. Uncle Joe got in and started pulling out of the driveway as soon as the car was started. I started crying. Crying so hard that I thought I could flood the car with my tears. Uncle Joe didn’t seem to notice. He just drove on.

We pulled into the Elite Military Operations Training Corps drive through/drop off area. I got out, unloaded my bags and walked off into the lobby. The man at the front desk got up and literally dragged me by the arm to my barracks. There, I met a bunch of other boys, as unfortunate as me to be taken from there childish little lives and put into this place.

The author's comments:
This is a the first chapter of a book I intend to write.

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