"Ice Mountain Killers"

December 1, 2009
By Cody Barnes BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
Cody Barnes BRONZE, Bellaire, Ohio
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This is a story about two girls that travel to Ice mountain.

One evening I was doing my homework and out of no where my friend called and said anonymously said "Wanna go on a trip?
I said sure but what trip.She did,ent tell me so Me and her go to the gas station to get gas we got 2 gallons then headed for the road.6 hours later we ended up in Ice Mountain then we unpacked and made a fire then went to sleep.Then I herd while I was sleeping some foot steps so I got up and checked around but saw no one then Someone grabed me and was stabing me so I sreamed for my friend massy to get up and she did and got a shot gun and shot the man.Then I asked why did u do this he replyed "Becuase I kill people im 320 kill thats mean i kill 320 people a year But you better get out therew's more than justed me"So we killed the man then packed up and went home.When we got home we told everybody and they said at least your safe.Then I went to bed and selpted good..THE END Hoped you enjoy this story...

The author's comments:
Well my mom said I should write something scary and not true.So I did and she said what about something about a mountain then I started writing the story..

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