The Thief

December 1, 2009
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The winter air was ice cold and felt like choking hands, suffocating the people within its grasp. The town was quite as it was closing in on the midnight hour. Not a soul appeared on the streets or alleys. Not a whisper or feeling crept upon the walls and roofs. Nothing happened until a lonely shadow appeared upon the rooftop a tall building. The dark being of the unknown world took shape of a child, a human child. A fragile being as it was. With the sleeping town unaware and unprepared for his thoughts, the shadow child jumped down from his safety on the rooftop and onto a concrete window ledge about a foot in width. The building was old, so the child was unsure of the concrete, which looked so delicate from far below. The air slipped through his clothing, chilling him to the very bone. He had to get to work.

The window clicked ever so softly as he unlocked it with his back pocket’s tools. He prayed that the guards were asleep in their dorms or playing poker in the basement with each other before he slowly opened the window one side at a time. There was not a single creak from the hinges, another thing to be thankful of. He slowly climbed into the home. Everything was slow to be safe. The white carpet was lit up like a crystal from the moonbeams. He crept along carefully, passing vases, paintings, and other valuables displayed to ward thieves off with easy stuff. This thief wasn’t like this; he had a mission to complete. Nothing would stop him. At the end of the room, there was a door that was more than likely locked. The child thief wanted to giggle because easy stuff was set to stop him.

Using his back pocket’s tools again, he heard the satisfying click of the lock. Another slow event went by as the door opened up. The thief stepped into the room and almost tripped on air. He wasted no time worrying about the near fall as he walked to a glass case on top of a stand in the center. This was almost too easy for these rich people because he was able to lift the glass up and take the shining diamond out of its place without even a peep. Suddenly, a low growl sounded behind him, outside the door. Why were there dogs upstairs? Weren’t they with the guards? The small thief thought back to when he tripped on air. It was an alarm! How stupid of him! Swiftly, he slipped the diamond into his pocket and walked to the door like a man heading to his execution.

Outside the room stood two giant German shepherds with a single guard holding onto a rifle and their leashes. The dogs had their teeth bared at the thief, who stood stone still, praying to appear like a statue to the dumb creatures. The dogs caught his scent and looked right at him. The guard, speaking in a foreign language, raised his gun to point it at the thief. The small thief wasn’t about to die in this place. He had a mission. The mission had to be complete. Thinking fast, the thief hurled a vase that was next to him at the guard and dogs. It hit the guard on the shoulder when he turned, causing him to release the dogs. The German shepherds watched their master fall and attacked the person that hurt him. The thief was off like a light with the dogs gaining ground. Quickly this time, the thief jumped out the window, towards the streets below. When the guard looked over and saw not even a body, he rushed to get reinforcements. The thief sighed from his hiding spot above the window. He melted into the shadows.

A child’s laughter was the only sound heard that night. The thief was seated on the edge of a rooftop that wasn’t far from the diamond’s home. The mission was completed on time for once in his young career. The money from the diamond would keep him fed for months or years! It was exciting to think about. Actual food for awhile. The thief grinned as he stuffed the bills into his jacket pocket. It felt good to know he got in and out without injury. The dogs were probably following his scent like mad, but they were chasing their tails in their search from a young thief. He turned his eyes, soft and innocent, to the starry night. The moon and stars never seemed more beautiful than they were that night, blanketing him in the light of the night sky. The thief was gone as the next gentle wind of cool air was sent through the area. He was going to find home, where it may be under the moon’s warming gaze.

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