The Box

It flew through the window of chaotic material, awaken from long slumber i hear this gut wrenching shatter. The world outside this box has deformed its own mind set, leaving behind an ignorant display of effects. Gunshots and shouts of decayed horror and perhaps, I could hear even the slightest spurts of blood leave the body. Laying in the grasp of my sheets they get tighter, my heart beats rapidly. These sounds outside this box I have shadowed in for so long, finally shattered the silence. Gripping the mattress I listen more, children screeching like bats. So much innocence being shoveled into death, I become furious. My focus becomes more enhanced, I hear many profanities and running an abundance of running. The box I hide in becomes transparent, all I see is blood and the face of what humanity has become. Soon I start to believe, that this box will become stained with all the blood I see before me. It becomes odd... The gunshots, the screaming, everything just stopped. The box gets cloudy and I see nothing more, all I hear is my heart beating. The bed disappears, and I am floating. It feels like zero gravity I stay where I am I do not dare move. As the box fades to black I am stunned by a flashing bright light. I open my eyes its a whole new place... I hear to much at one time and cannot specify all of which im hearing. Its cold and there's a grey sky overhead, I stand before a puddle of blood. Something I never wished to happen, but indeed it did... I have awaken from my box. My stomach feels disfigured and burns... I have woken to late.

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