The Last Carrot

December 15, 2009
By Joshua Parker BRONZE, Benevides, Para, Other
Joshua Parker BRONZE, Benevides, Para, Other
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Three carrots for the eleven kings under the sky,
Seven for the rulers and their lands,
Nine for normal men doomed to die,
One for the dark powers and their evil mischief,
One carrot to rule them all, One carrot to find them,
One carrot to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the kitchen where shadows lurked and where they all came to be.
Once there was a powerful scientist who had lost his job for his knowing of to much so he was forced to take refuge in an elementary school kitchen where he worked for several years. There is where he scribed this riddle as he mutated several carrot seeds to become more than just mere carrots. As they grew they showed to work and gave mighty powers. He went testing and mutating until he finally made the carrot, a carrot more powerful than all of his other mutations. As time went he gave these powerful carrots out to several rulers, kings and even normal people who were close to him, but he and only he knew about the all powerful carrot, this he kept safe. All these carrots, except the all powerful carrot that would regenerate itself, could give their powers by a small nibble of the carrots so, they did not last forever. Many of the receivers were foolish and ate these carrots in a few bites; though some were able to withstand the immense power of these carrots, they eventually lost the power over time and died, while others died almost instantly of the strong powers thrust into their bodies and souls. Other receivers were wise and kept the carrots and only used them very seldomly and ate them in small pieces but over time perished. This went on until no carrot remained except the all powerful carrot.
As the scientist aged he knew he would soon die, so he gathered his closest friends, which happened to be some of the kids from the school where he had taken refuge for so long ago. Their names were Jud, Zebulan, Denishian, and Cassinova they had always thought something peculiar of him, always asking him of his past and such. He had told them many tales and stories both of his past and of his minds inventions, so he chose them to pass the carrot on to. He told them of the carrot and its powers and they gladly accepted the task even though he told them of the danger if it got into the wrong hands and how they needed to keep this carrot top secret. So they took on this task over the next days he counseled them in the ways of the carrot and they became wise in that way. Then the day came and he passed the carrot on to them and he left out, never to return.
The children that at the time were in the 3rd grade, kept the carrot hidden for a good time until Cassinova became curious and tasted it, he soon became strong and full of knowledge soon all four of them tasted the carrot and also became strong and full of knowledge. This aroused certain curiosity in the higher grade: sixth grade. They became curious and were in search of what ever gave the four this strength. As time passed, the four became loose on their secret, and one day Denishian was seen by a sixth grader eating a piece of this carrot and then becoming strong, so the secret had been revealed. Until then the four, now fourth graders, had only used it for mostly the knowledge to get good grades and such, but the sixth graders if they were to get a hold of it, it would soon be put to evil use. After the sixth graders found out, they sought to get it and that is how the fight in the cafeteria arose, a fight that is marked in history. The battle arose when the sixth graders saw the carrot in the hands of Jud. They made a plan to get the carrot. The sixth graders, an army of 15 charged the four and they tried to resist with their strength but they were overwhelmed by the group and through their fighting Jud , who had the carrot, tried escaping but was pulled right back in and the carrot was taken from him. The group of sixth graders soon left with the carrot and the four were left in the cafeteria without their powerful carrot.
The next days were filled the evil done by the sixth grader the carrot had made them evil and strong they had no respect for anyone. They were bullying the younger kids but it was expanding, moving them to disrespect the teachers and even the principal. Then the four decided that they needed to put a stop to this. If the sixth graders continue this way it would end very badly so they set out to devise a plan. They had to find the carrier of the carrot and retrieve it. Once they retrieve it, they all decided upon taking it and destroying it. So they planned and spied on the enemy and found out that Duncan, the biggest of the sixth graders, was carrying the carrot. They tracked him and found out his whole routine so they could find where he was most vulnerable and planned their attack at that time. They had found that he would go home everyday alone, so they would pursue him and gang up on him as they attacked, Zebulan would get the carrot from him and flee with it. The next day they went out to fulfill their plan. After school they followed Duncan and as they went they suddenly jumped out on him and surrounded him. The three were in front posing the attack while Zebulan snuck up from behind to grab the carrot that he had spotted in his pocket and as he was just about to grab the carrot, Duncan suddenly turned and when he saw Zebulan he quickly dodged the hand that was going for his pocket. This was bad they were going to have to get it by force two of the four went for his hands, another for his feet and when they successfully had pinned him down the last went in for the carrot when he successfully had retrieved it into his hands he ran like he had never ran before, he ran away around the corner and then awaited his friends to arrive from the fight. The three others, once they saw that Zebulan had ran away with the carrot, also ran away and met up with them on the corner of the block. They then ran for the school to take it to the only place that the carrot could be destroyed the shadows of the school kitchen, where it was created. They ran and ran as fast as they could when they entered the kitchen of the school they surprisingly met up with Duncan, who had somehow taken some shorter route and arrived before them. So they all for the last time took a small bite of the carrot they soon felt the adrenaline rush and three charged the sixth grader while the other went for the shadows of the kitchen. When Zebulan, the one going for the shadows with the carrot, got past Duncan, he immediately searched for the mallet that the powerful scientist had told him of that was the only thing that could ever destroy the carrot, so he searched and when he saw a small door in the back of a cupboard and he opened it, finding the mallet he pulled it out and set the carrot on the floor and was about to smother it when suddenly Duncan came from behind and grabbed Zebulon’s arm and making him drop the hammer soon Duncan had him pinned on the ground. But suddenly there was a pile of two others, Jud and Denishian, on top of Duncan, and soon he was overwhelmed. While the three were on to Duncan, the fourth, Cassinova, went for the mallet and swung with all his might at the carrot. The second that the carrot and mallet came in contact, a bright light flash and sound like thunder came and suddenly the carrot vanished and only a black burn mark was left on the floor where it once was. At the same time that the sound and light flashed came they all lost their strength and were all soon to their normal selves. And the strangest thing was that Duncan had disappeared!
To this day they do not know where he went but the four assume that since he had used the carrot for evil and it was there at the blast he was taken into eternal doom. The four lived on their lives only with the memories of the time that they had had with the all powerful carrot they would never forget. They stayed friends telling their children and grand children about the time that they had once received a mighty carrot and the peculiar adventure they had with it. They four had to conclude that they never looked at a carrot the same.

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fictional, short story, comedy

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