December 15, 2009
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8:00 am. Packing for Grandma’s

It’s June 16th and summer vacation. I am packing my car up to go to my Grandma’s house in Tampa, Florida. This will be about a two day trip because I live all the way in Cleveland, Ohio. But I am pretty excited since this is my first road trip alone. My mom isn’t so ecstatic about it. But I told her since I just graduated high school, I really need it. She finally gave in but she had two conditions. One I have to call her every hour while on the road and two, I had to give my Granny a basket full of goodies that mom made for her. Those were pretty understandable conditions for me!

10:15 am. On The Road

When my mom was finally done kissing and hugging me, I was on the road. I’m glad I had a GPS to guide me because I would have gotten lost in the first ten minutes. All was going good. Hardly any traffic and I was making good time. Then I got hungry. So I stopped at a BP gas station to get some chips and juice. The cashier was really cute and he asked for my number so of course I gave it to him. While I was in line a man said “I like your goodies.” I just looked at him and turned back towards the cashier. Again this strange man asked me if I was alone, but this time he called me by my nickname which is Red. So I turned around and said excuse me, what did you just say? Then the man winked at me and turned around and walked out. By this point I was way past freaked out. I’ve never seen that man in my life. So I paid for my food and ran back to my car. I didn’t see him anywhere. I was just sitting in my car thinking. Then my phone rings. It was my mom.

12:00pm The Phone Call.

I decided not to tell my mom about the weird guy because she would probably make me come back home. So while we were talking I had a beep, and told my mom to hold on. When I answered it all I herd was “I like your goodies.” Then click. When I clicked over to my moms call there was no one there. I lost my service. I was freaking out. It had to be that man from the gas station. How did he get my number? How did he know my nickname? I started hyperventilating. How long has this man been like stalking me? When I finally got cell phone service again I called my mom, still not telling her about this man. She was freaking out on me because I haven’t called her since our last phone call which was about noon. I told her about the service fading and that I was very sorry. She was still angry, but she said she understood.

11:00pm The Motel
I decided to rent a motel for the night. I was kind of nervous to stay alone but I didn’t receive another phone call from that guy so I just sucked it up and got the room. I called my mom to let her know I was going to bed and then fell right to sleep. Then I was woken up by a knock on my door. I looked at the clock and it was 4:08am. I thought to myself, who in the world would be knocking at this hour. So I got up to open the door and there was no one there. But there was a note. This note read “Dear Red, I like you’re Goodies.” What was I going to do? This man that I didn’t no, knows my nickname, cell phone number, and he knew where I was staying. So I packed up and left to start my day early. Should I tell my mom?

5:00am No Stops
Once again I decided not to tell my mom because I was more than half way to my grandmas and I was not turning back. How could this guy catch me if I'm on the road? So i drove, and drove, and drove until I finally reached Florida. Now I was about 45 minutes away from Granny's. I had to pee very badly so I made myself stop. And I finally figured out that I was driving for about 11 hours non stop. When i got to the gas station I ran to the bathroom and ran stright back to my car. There was no sign of the creepy guy. I was pretty relieved. About 15 minutes later i arrived at Granny's. But her house is deep in the woods and there is a trail you have to walk through to get there. So before I started walking I called my mother to let her know i arrived. But before I could get my phone out of my pocket, there was a tap on my window.

6:10pm The Misunderstanding
I turned to see what the tap was and there he was, the strange man looking dead at me. I screamed, and the man said "please calm down ma'am." But before he could say another word I asked him who he was, why he was following me, how he knew my name, and how he got my cell phone number. He replied with "My name is Robert Clark and I work for a company named Sweet Tooth. I have been tring to talk to you ever since tha gas station because I saw the basket of goodies you have in your backseat through the window. My company is looking for a new goodie to sponser us. Your license plate says Red so I just thought that would be your name. Finally I overheard you give the has station clerk your number so I tried to call and tel lyou about my company but my signal kept going in and out." All I could do was laugh. Robert asked me what was so funny, and I told him all about how I thought he was stalking me and trying to kill me. He then also laughed. He gave me his business card and also asked if he could try one of the beautiful goodies from the basket. He also told meto make sure I get in touch with him because there is big money involved. Then Mr. Clark left.

6:30pm Granny
After my intresting conversation with Robert I walked the trail to Granny's. When I arrived to the front door she was waiting with open arms to hug me. I was so happy tp see her! She sat me down at her kitchen table with a whole line of food ready for me to eat. And she asked me how the trip was. When I was finally done stuffing my face, I explained my crazy two day trip to her house.

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